Fall has arrived with cooler nights and autumn leaves… and along with it the “giving season”. View in browser 

Welcome the Giving Season

Autumn 2023

Fall has arrived with cooler nights and autumn leaves… and along with it the “giving season”. The period from October to year’s end is the most rewarding time of the year for non-profits. Many studies claim that December alone is responsible for about one-third of total annual donations.

This is the best time of year to increase fundraising activity. Fall represents holiday time with people from all religions and creeds celebrating religious and traditional holidays. This is when most people are caught up with the season and in a giving mood more likely to support others and charitable causes.

The holiday season strengthens the sense of community and helps build a stronger emotional feeling toward charitable causes and those in need. As well, individuals, smaller companies, and corporations many times are supporting causes at year’s end to receive tax benefits. 

Wishing you success with your fall fundraising.
Derek Fisher and Dale Carter

Hockey Helps The Homeless

Merging Canada’s love of Hockey with the Power of Compassion

Hockey Helps the Homeless (HHTH) is a unique Canadian charitable organization that combines the excitement of Canada’s favourite winter sport with the spirit of philanthropy by raising funds to address the needs of Canada’s homeless.

Founded on the principle that the appeal of sport can serve as a catalyst for positive societal change HHTH has, for almost 30 years, forged a legacy of compassion and social impact.

Updated MobilBid Pricing

When COVID gathering restrictions disrupted charity fundraising, MobilBid assisted clients by suspending our minimum fee of $250 per auction.

Today with charity fundraising in recovery, we are reinstating a revised minimum charge policy. Effective January 1, 2024, a minimum fee of $220 (5.5% of $4,000 raised) will be charged for each auction. (Exceptions may apply to high volume clients.) The maximum fee per auction remains at $2,500/auction (5.5% of approximately $45,000 raised.)

Sweet Dreams for Charity Silent Auction Organizers

In the past several years, charity fundraising events have taken a digital leap forward with the advent of distance giving and mobile bidding silent auctions. Versatile new multi-purpose platforms and new auction protocols have revolutionized how funds are raised for non-profit causes.

While these innovative platforms offer a long list of advantages, many times event organizers can find themselves worrying over a flood new technology. But with the right product and features and the all-important ease of use, these worries are easily put to rest.

🛠 MobilBid Setup Tips ⚙️

Before setting up your second or next auction, rather than starting over, duplicate your previous auction. This will give you a copy of the settings, configurations, and items. Then archive your original auction and bulk delete the items from your duplicate copy. You can then begin to build your new auction with many of the previous configurations.

The Value of the Enterprise Strategy

For charity fundraisers hosting silent auctions in several locations from a centrally located single platform can be a much-needed game-changer in today’s giving environment.

MobilBid provides users with the opportunity to centralize their silent auction process. This strategy allows a small team of a few or more to effortlessly set up auctions and deliver them to any number of branch offices, sparing each location the efforts of setting up and managing their own auctions.

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