Attention: For busy professional women struggling to keep a career going, while caring for a sick family member.

In this powerful 15-page E-book, discover:

● How to keep a career with status, social network, lifestyle, AND have peace at home while facing long-term care of a family member.

● Why ‘Superwoman’ qualities should be used differently when you are balancing between career and family care.

● What specific actions to take to stop energy leaks and be full of vitality and zest for life again

● The 5 most effective ways to prevent caregiver's stress - this will increase capacity and clear your mind

and much more…

“Irena’s process is a much more powerful, complete and healing experience than I could imagine."

I have helped hundreds of professional women juggling career with care, and helped them to continue to be ‘superwomen’ at work and at home (without burnout).

In my caring role, I met some amazing people: carers and those who help them through a charity. So as soon as I had some free capacity, I volunteered to help other carers.

As a true Superwoman myself I have trained in the most effective scientifically proven brain and emotion hacks that improve productivity and wellbeing. I have used them to help myself and thousands of my clients to live a fulfilling healthy life with meaning and purpose. I can help you, too.