The prides of Finnish afrofunk and jazz celebrate the long journey of their studio and label with a brand new album release Sounding Times View in browser 

After 10 years, The Blassics still believe in craftsmanship

The prides of Finnish afrofunk and jazz celebrate the long journey of their studio and label with a brand new compilation Sounding Times

The Blassics, focusing mainly on instrumental afro-styled funk and jazz and led by guitarist Juha Sarkkola and trumpeter Tuure Tammi, is one of the internationally acknowledged Finnish pioneers of the scene. A decade has already passed, since the orchestra founded their own studio and label Odd Funk Records in Hämeenlinna. Thus, the original spirit they had has never ceased but rather deepened even more.

Analogic soundscapes, communality, documenting creation process, no endless re-recording and a humble way of making music within the given limits all meet in the philosophy of The Blassics. Popular music today is characterized by clinical and schematically calculated production work emphasized by the use of modern technology. The songs produced and recorded in the Blassics’ studio can be heard as a homage to craftsmanship and a counterforce to the aforementioned. Composing is not based on the analysis of hottest hits on the charts nor the latest technical tricks. Instead, it all starts from the long tradition of enjoying music as a fan and deejay with relentless respect to the traditions of funky, crispy and raw organic sound. 

Sounding Times is the fifteenth release of the label and the fifth full-length effort by The Blassics celebrating their philosophy with the piety it all deserves. The collection of 15 songs, nearly 70 minutes in total length, includes seven completely earlier unreleased tracks. It also consists of old gems, such as ”Swazi Funk” and ”Hagerun Geleba”, as well as precisely selected more rare choices from the past 10 years. Nevertheless, the album is an exceptionally complete and enjoyable musical journey. As a listener, you will get a versatile and matured picture of all the styles, moods and energies shaping their sound through the times.

The Blassics have performed their music live on stage from Finland and Estonia to Middle Europe and all the way to as far as India, even though they never prioritized taking over the world. The younger generation of B-Boys and B-Girls has also found their music well. Sounding Times will be issued on Saturday the 23th of September via digital platforms and as a cd release, which hopefully will reach their fans but also completely new audiences both in their own playing ground as internationally. The release of the new album will be also celebrated on the same night by a live show at Tuffest – Tuff 10 Years Festival in Lutakko in Jyväskylä, Finland.


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The Blassics: Sounding Times (10 years at Odd Funk)

afro funk, afro jazz, world music
CD / digi
Release date: September 23rd, 2023
Odd Funk Records / Oddfunk015

1. Swazi Funk (from Becoming Waves, recorded 2016)
2. Life Is Great, Yeah! (from Becoming Waves, recorded 2016)
3. West Side Glory (previously unreleased, recorded 2023)
4. Block Hipat (from Togetherings, recorded 2018)
5. Ruff Strut (from oddfunk008, recorded 2015)
6. Special Occasion (prev. unreleased, recorded 2022)
7. Hagerun Geleba (from Togetherings, 2018)
8. Afrohustler (slow version) (from The Blassics, recorded 2012)
9. Yeketema Sét (prev. unreleased, recorded 2017)
10. Afrocookie (cd-edit) (from fnr-142, recorded 2017)
11. Horn OK Please (early) (prev. unreleased, early demo 2013)
12. Wanna Have Some Delicacies (prev. unreleased, rec. 2015)
13. Exotica Break (prev. unreleased, recorded 2017)
14. Maximal Roaching (from We Call It Real, recorded 2014)
15. Sizzling (prev. unreleased, recorded 2020)

The Blassics:

Hanna Lotti - flute
Juha Sarkkola - guitar; drums (tracks 6, 11, 13)
Joona Venäläinen - drums 
Jukka Teerisaari - percussions
MikiMac - vocals (tracks 7, 9)
Mikko Veijonen - baritone sax
Tuure Tammi - trumpet; bass, organ, trombone (track 11), microkorg (track 6)
Victor Tokpanou - percussions
Ville-Pekka Järvinen - bass
Janne Findeiss - bass (track 8)

Analog recording and mixing at the Odd Funk Studio: Tuure Tammi & Juha Sarkkola 
Editing and mastering for cd: Tuure Tammi
Photos: Terho Aalto
CD Layout: Mikko Myöhänen with Juha Sarkkola & Tuure Tammi

Photo above: Toni Rasinkangas
Photo below: Pasi Vähänen

Contact (PR):

Funky Amigos non-profit association
Joonas Kervinen
joonas [ät]

Live bookings: theblassicsofficial [ät]

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