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SHOWCASE Newsletter: Volume III

As SHOWCASE approaches its third-year milestone at the end of October, we find ourselves in a more mature phase of the project, and our results show it. Dive into our newsletter below to explore our latest publications, policy activities and partner updates.

Publications corner

Discover the significant list of new SHOWCASE publications

AgroEcoList 1.0: A checklist to improve reporting standards in ecological research in agriculture

LiDAR GEDI derived tree canopy height heterogeneity reveals patterns of biodiversity in forest ecosystems

Hedgerows have contrasting effects on pollinators and natural enemies and limited spillover effects on apple production

Economic Impact of Organic Agriculture: Evidence from a Pan-India Survey

A novel approach for surveying flowers as a proxy for bee pollinators using drone images

Grand challenges in entomology: Priorities for action in the coming decades

Interactions between Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals in Tanzania, East Africa

Setting-up place-based and transdisciplinary research to foster agrifood system transformation: Insights from the Aliment'Actions project in western France

Landscape Is the Main Driver of Weed Assemblages in Field Margins but Is Outperformed by Crop Competition in Field Cores

Understanding the farmers’ choices and adoption of adaptation strategies, and plans to climate change impact in Africa: A systematic review

A quixotic view of spatial bias in modelling the distribution of species and their diversity

Policy corner

Explore SHOWCASE’s contributions to environmental policy

The European Research Executive Agency organised a workshop in 2022 to examine the current status of pollinators. Its objective was to pinpoint significant knowledge areas that require additional attention and propose potential solutions based on EU-funded projects that support pollinators, including SHOWCASE. The resulting report titled “Opportunities and knowledge gaps for EU Research and Innovation on pollinators" is now available. 

In 2022, SHOWCASE issued its first policy brief with five concrete research-based recommendations on how “Bending the curve of biodiversity loss requires rewarding farmers economically for conservation management”. To maximise its reach to stakeholders who can benefit from it, SHOWCASE published it in its collection in the Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal.

SHOWCASE member Răzvan Popa (Babeș-Bolyai University) is a proud member of the Romanian National Strategic Plan (NSP) Coalition. Within their policy work, he and his colleagues have put significant efforts into enhancing Romania’s CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027 by distributing recommendations based on scientific findings and field observations to national and European policymakers. 

Updates corner

Find out more about the latest SHOWCASE news and activities

SHOWCASE aims to find management practices which can balance between maintaining food production and fostering nature conservation. An essential part of this process is to identify how farmers feel about such practices and what would motivate them to implement them. To that end, SHOWCASE carried out a survey and prepared a short handout with its main highlights.

SHOWCASE published its first practice abstract on the EIP-AGRI platform, aiming to facilitate knowledge transfer from practice-oriented projects to farmers, advisors, and other actors who might benefit from their results. The project’s first practice abstract presents an overview of some of the regulatory and incentive instruments motivating European farmers to conserve biodiversity based on a literature analysis.

SHOWCASE recognises the importance of effective communication and dissemination in driving lasting project impact. To this end, the project has developed a tailored communication strategy, complete with a project narrative on biodiversity and farming. It is now available in SHOWCASE's collection in the RIO journal.

SHOWCASE recently organised its third workshop for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) led by Prof. Simon Potts from the University of Reading on 10 October 2023. As an expert in the science-policy interface, Simon focused on illustrating how scientific work can interact with policy and the value behind such initiatives.

Events corner

Learn how SHOWCASE partners presented the project

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