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September, 2023

Greetings from Rasa!

Reinhard & Darcey Neufeld

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At the

Rasa Family Centre:

Children / Students / Youth


The Rasa Family Centre has become a place to gather for the Romanian children in the neighbourhood and Ukrainian refugee children staying at the Centre.  Our capable staff members are finding unique and fun ways to share Jesus' love with the children.

This summer we hosted two camps for kids.  They loved their time here - sleeping in tents on the grounds of the Centre, eating great food, and learning about Jesus through special Bible lessons for children.


A requirement to attend school in Romania is a minimum collection of school supplies.  This creates a challenge for many of the families we minister to in the Rasa area.  This Fall we plan to assist 40 families with assembling the required supplies so their children can attend school.

We've also found ourselves helping the Ukrainian refugees keep up with their remote studies.


Every Friday evening 20-25 of the local youth and Ukrainian refugees gather to read and study the Word, sing, pray, and do what they do best - eat and have fun!

Please pray for an open door

Since the  start of the pandemic we have been shut out of the hospital for our visits to the abandoned babies. This week the door cracked open allowing us to visit for the first time in a long time.  However, after the one visit we are again shut out.   Please continue to pray that we would be able to resume our regular visits.

    Our work continues

    All of our ministries here in the Rasa area have been operating over the hot summer months, helping those in desperate situations.  It is such a blessing to be part of the Lord's work here in Romania.  Thank you for all who pray for us and our ministry.  Your prayer and financial support help many who are in desperate need.  

    Women's ministries

    We continue to have ladies meetings every Thursday consisting of a Bible study, craft and meal. Our group is growing and many are starting to open up and are learning more about Jesus.

      Kindness evangelism

      Every two weeks we load up food from the food bank and give it out to all those in need. It is a real blessing to all those who receive it. Many would go hungry without this ministry.

      We host many ministry teams who come and help us with our work. They help renovate and rebuild homes, distribute food and firewood, and share God's love to many families!

      Job training

      Reinhard's construction company is continuing to be a huge blessing, giving workers steady employment, helping people in desperate situations repair their homes, and constructing safe and reliable buildings!


      The war is still raging in the Ukraine and it is getting closer to Romania with bombing just over the Danube River. Reinhard is still going into Ukraine to deliver food and supplies to the churches and your financial support is critical for this!

      Our Centre has been hosting many Ukrainian families for the last year and a half, giving women and children a safe place to live as many of their homes are being bombed or affected by the bombing. We have grown to love these people and they have become dear friends to us!

          For those who love to pray


          We need prayers for health. We are both feeling extremely exhausted (we sure don't have the energy we once had).

          Reinhard's lower back is in constant pain, he needs healing or an operation.

          Darcey's mom fell and broke her hip about a month ago and is in hospital. Please pray for us and our families!


            Pray for wisdom, grace and strength for our staff at the Center:  Ana, Carmen, Miki as they deal with many difficult situations.


            Next summer two young families from Norway have committed to stay for a year to help with church planting in Calarasi. Please pray for them as the details are worked out!

              Feel free to call me

              Please feel free to call me anytime at 0040.755.012.908.

              - Reinhard

                For those who love to give.

                Gateway to Hope Romania

                General Vasile Milea nr 6

                Rasa, Calarasi, Romania.

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