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Monthly Newsletter

The Participatory Research Newsletter

This monthly newsletter aims to highlight the participatory research initiatives emerging from Participatory Research @ McGill (PRAM), and Community Information, Empowerment and Transparency (CIET), as well as share new opportunities for projects, courses, funding, and more!

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A Month in Review

An ever busy team, below are a few updates from the CIET-PRAM network.

Monthly Meeting

Barriers to carer participation from Black communities in first episode psychosis family psychoeducation programming: A qualitative exploratory study

The monthly CIET-PRAM meeting is an opportunity to share project updates, present research protocols, practice dissertations defences, and more.

This month, Michaela Field (MSc Psychiatry) presented findings from her recently completed thesis on the barriers affecting Black caregivers when accessing family psychoeducation programming offered by two first-episode psychosis outpatient clinics in Montreal. 

Thank you for sharing your work with us Michaela, and congratulations on achieving your master's! 

New Connections, New Opportunities

Sharing lessons about adolescent engagement in Nigeria

On October 19th, Dr Anne Cockcroft gave a short presentation during the Department of Family Medicine Annual Retreat, in a workshop entitled “Research that drives change”. She described the participatory methods the Bauchi team are using to engage adolescents in co-designing ways to improve their sexual and reproductive health and shared some preliminary results. 

Following this presentation, Dr Mark Karanofsky of the Herzl Family Practice Centre arranged a meeting with colleagues from the Teenage Health Unit (THU) in the Herzl Practice, and CIET-PRAM and the THU are now discussing how the participatory methods used in Bauchi might be relevant in the work of the THU.

As a further follow up, Anne Cockcroft and Mark Karanofsky, will be talking about the Bauchi participatory research with adolescents and its possible relevance in Montreal in a seminar organised by the McGill Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) on 24 November 2023. We will send the link for the seminar for anyone interested once it becomes available.

Are you interested in a FCM training for your team or institution? Contact Dr Iván Sarmiento for more information! 

Centro de Estudios Médicos Interculturales (CEMI): Video Documentary & Photo Essays

Our friends at the Centro de Estudios Médicos Interculturales (CEMI) support the inclusive and equitable participation of youth, women, and Indigenous peoples.

CEMI created a documentary series, composed of six short videos, presenting the work of five Indigenous organizations in the Colombian Amazon to protect their territory, strengthen their culture, and preserve the rainforest for future generations. 

Click the video below to watch their documentary series!

In addition to the documentary videos, CEMI worked with USAID/Colombia to produce five extraordinary photo essays that weave together the tapestry of their work with Territories for Life. At the heart of each is the story of transformation, inclusion, and community empowerment, capturing the heart and soul of Colombia's diverse landscapes and peoples. 

You can find these photo essays below:

Congratulations to the incredible team at CEMI and all participants for their amazing work!

Call for applications!

Colloquium on Qualitative Research

The Public Health School of the Université de Montreal, has put out a call for applications to a 2024 Colloquium on Qualitative Research. 

Please, note the event will be hosted in French.

Latest Publications

Highlighted below are some of the most recent publications from the industrious CIET-PRAM team: 

Community perceptions of causes of violence against young women in Botswana: fuzzy cognitive mapping

Authors: Iván Sarmiento, Michaela Field, Leagajang Kgakole, Puna Molatlhwa, Indu Girish, Neil Andersson & Anne Cockcroft

      Community perceptions about causes of suicide among young men in Botswana: an analysis based on fuzzy cognitive maps

      Authors: Iván Sarmiento, Leagajang Kgakole, Puna Molatlhwa, Indu Girish, Neil Andersson & Anne Cockcroft

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