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Monthly Newsletter

The Participatory Research Newsletter

This monthly newsletter aims to highlight the participatory research initiatives emerging from Participatory Research @ McGill (PRAM), and Community Information, Empowerment and Transparency (CIET), as well as share new opportunities for projects, courses, funding, and more!

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A Month in Review

An ever busy team, below are a few updates from the PRAM/CIET network.

Monthly Meeting

An introduction to umbrella reviews

The monthly PRAM meeting is an opportunity to share project updates, present research protocols, practice dissertations defences, and more.

This month, Dr Mona Ghadirian, provided an informative presentation on how to conduct umbrella reviews (overview of reviews). This review method assesses systematic reviews and meta-analyses on a given topic. 

We greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this literature review method, and look forward to Dr Ghadirian's results from her ongoing umbrella review! 

New Project Announcement

The impact of discrimination and negative perceptions on the wellbeing of Muslims in Montréal, QC

In partnership with the Canadian Muslim Forum (MCF), Dr Loubna Belaid and Samer Mazjoub, lead a project to co-design media strategies to prevent negative attitudes towards Muslim communities in Montreal. We are very grateful for the contributions of our community partners (Nermine Barbouch, Ghada Mohammed, Khalid Siddiqui, Roody Thermidor, El Medi Karafli, and Abdellatif Abouelseoud), who are leading the participation of community members.

A scoping review is currently underway, identifying factors contributing to negative attitudes toward Muslims. Soon, fuzzy cognitive mapping sessions with gender and age-stratified groups will be conducted across three mosques in Montreal. Following the sessions, a culturally appropriate e-survey will be conducted, as well as deliberative dialogues to develop the content of the media strategies. We will share the results; stay tuned!

Shining Our Bright Light: Nunavimmiut Stories of Teaching and Learning & Self-Determined Education in Nunavik

This month, the First Peoples Post-Secondary Storytelling Exchange (FPPSE) team, hosted a film screening event to present two short films, The Story of Pasha by Pasha Partridge, and Hunting Life by Neekallak Annanack, as well as Shining Our Bright Light by Michelle Smith PhD(c) (pictured below with PRAM member Dr Alex McComber) and the FPPSE, wherein Nunavimmiut youth and community members shared experiences of teaching and learning in college, university, in community, and on the land, and make the call for Inuit control of Inuit post-secondary education.

Following the screening, community members, researchers, and artists hosted a panel discussion session to reflect on their experience making the films, and discussed the future of Nunavimmiut-led education in Nunavik. 

It was a wonderful event and we want to congratulate all the filmmakers and panelists for their amazing contributions! 


Dr Shaun Cleaver

We wanted to congratulate our longtime friend and PRAM team member, Dr Shaun Cleaver, on his new role of Assistant Professor at the Université de Sherbrooke. Dr Cleaver joins the physiotherapy program offered by the university's School of Rehabilitation, under the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Congratulations, Shaun! Wishing you all the best as you transition into this new and exciting position!  

Dr Lashanda Skerritt

Congratulations to our friend Dr Lashanda Skerritt for successfully defending her exceptional doctoral project on September 29th. Her work, under the guidance of Drs Alexandra De Pokomandy and Angela Kaida, focused on the reproductive healthcare needs of women living with HIV.

You can access the three publications that were produced as part of her thesis through the following links: 1, 2, and 3.

New Connections

We recently connected with the Communication Initiative Network, a partnership between a strategic group of international development organizations interested in advancing the thinking, policy, resources, practice and impact of communication for social and behavioral change. They have been kind in supporting and sharing PRAM's work in Nigeria!

Do check out their Network below, and join us in supporting them! 

Latest Publications

Highlighted below are some of the most recent publications from the industrious PRAM team: 

What facilitates or prevents academic fraud in a Colombian faculty of medicine–Protocol of a study using fuzzy cognitive mapping

Authors: Juan Pimentel, Paola López, Johan Rincón, Laura Neira, Daniel Jiménez, Camilo Correal & Iván Sarmiento

      How does participatory research work: protocol for a realist synthesis

      Authors: Loubna Belaid, Iván Sarmiento, Anna Dion, Juan Pablo Pimentel, Andrés Rojas-Cardenas, Anne Cockcroft & Neil Andersson

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