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September 2023 Newsletter

How the resloveHR team likes to work remotely

Your HR Check-In: 

September 2023

The Value of Independent Recruiters: 

Your Secret Weapon in Small Business Hiring

Hiring the right talent is critical for any business, especially for smaller companies with fewer resources to spare. In your quest to find top-notch candidates who can contribute to your organization’s growth, you might be wondering if there's a more efficient way to go about it. The answer is in leveraging the expertise of independent recruiters.

Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

For small businesses, every hire is crucial. The performance of each team member can significantly impact the company's success, making the hiring process both exciting and daunting. These can be some of the challenges that are faced by smaller organizations.

  • Smaller companies typically have leaner HR departments or even have a dedicated HR person. This means less time and fewer resources available to devote to hiring.
  • Attracting top talent can be challenging when competing with larger companies that are able to offer more extensive benefits packages and could have brand recognition.
  • Hiring can be time-consuming, and small business owners and managers often wear multiple hats, leaving them with little time to dedicate to the hiring process.

How Independent Recruiters Can Help

Independent recruiters are professionals who specialize in connecting businesses with the right candidates. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider working with them:

  • Independent recruiters have extensive experience and networks within their respective industries. They know where to find the best candidates and how to reach them effectively.
  • Your time is valuable. By outsourcing the initial stages of the hiring process to independent recruiters, you can focus on your core responsibilities while a recruiter can handle candidate sourcing, screening, and initial interviews.
  • Contrary to the misconception that recruiting firms are expensive, independent recruiters often offer flexible fee structures that cater to the budget constraints of small businesses.
  • A positive candidate experience can boost your company's reputation. Independent recruiters can provide candidates a seamless and professional experience, even if they don't get the job, leaving a positive impression of your business.
  • Independent recruiters can tailor their services to your specific needs. Whether you need help with a single hire or a complete workforce overhaul, they can adapt to your requirements.

Choosing the Right Independent Recruiter

When considering working with an independent recruiter, here are a few tips to help you make the best choice:

  • Look for a recruiter who specializes in your industry or has a track record of successfully placing candidates in similar roles.
  • Ask for references from past clients to gauge the recruiter's reputation and effectiveness.
  • Ensure the recruiter communicates clearly and regularly throughout the hiring process.
  • Discuss fees upfront and make sure you understand the costs involved.
  • Choose a recruiter who understands and values your company's culture to find candidates who will fit seamlessly into your organization.

If your organization is on the hunt for top talent but grappling with the time-consuming task of crafting a recruitment strategy and putting it into action, why not reach out to Jacqui at resolveHR? Independent recruiters like us can be invaluable partners, ensuring you make efficient and effective hires. We bring industry expertise, a deep understanding of your unique needs, and a knack for tailoring our services to help you conquer the hiring challenges. By teaming up with an independent recruiter, you're not just filling positions; you're gaining a competitive edge in the talent market and propelling your company's growth.

Let's connect and discuss how we can help you discover your next star employee.

Consulting Costs: 

Is It Cheaper to DIY or Pay the Pros?

I heard a conversation some time ago where someone was discussing a consultant's proposal. They found the topic proposed valuable for their workplace; however, instead of seriously considering the consultant's offer, they lamented about the cost and remarked, "I could do that – and cheaper!" While it's possible they could, this situation made me reflect on the structure of consulting and how potential clients perceive consultants.

Indeed, most self-employed consultants charge rates higher than typical hourly employee wages, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

So, how do independent consultants determine their fee rates? It's a great question and one that I've come to appreciate better over time. Firstly, there are intangible costs, including the time spent on non-billable activities. These "hunting costs" involve writing proposals, meeting with potential clients before formal agreements, attending industry events, and networking. Consultants also invest time in managing administrative tasks like taxes, invoicing, handling overdue payments, contractual issues, and dealing with financial matters. Additionally, fees need to cover tangible expenses like insurance (such as errors and omissions insurance), accounting services, software, computers, IT support, rent, health and dental expenses, contributions to retirement plans, transportation, printing, legal fees, professional membership dues, website maintenance, and postage. Furthermore, consultants allocate time for their own professional development, reading industry materials, attending courses, and upgrading skills to provide top-notch services. Lastly, they face the challenge of income and cash flow risk, often enduring periods of low demand while still bearing ongoing costs. Unlike salaried employees, independent consultants rarely have a steady stream of income.

It's crucial to recognize that clients often only see the "facetime" aspect of consulting costs – the hours spent directly with the consultant. However, this is merely the tip of the cost iceberg, with many hidden expenses lurking below the surface.

Another factor influencing fee structures is the complexity and risk associated with the work. Independent consultants typically possess specialized expertise and experience. Clients hire specialists to reduce risk and obtain precise advice. The more specialized and experienced the consultant, the higher the compensation, irrespective of the industry. When you engage a consultant, it's usually because the stakes are high. For instance, in my line of work, terminating an employee involves significant risks that require containment – legal risks, potential theft of assets or intellectual property, and even physical and emotional risks.

Clients have every right to question the fees charged by independent consultants; this scrutiny is a healthy part of the marketplace for specialized services, ensuring appropriate value for money. However, the next time you hear someone complaining about consultancy costs and claiming they could do it cheaper, consider responding with a thought-provoking question: "Yes, but would you?"

Summer Chronicles: 

Wendy and Jacqui's Productive Pursuits and Achievements


We had some beautiful weather, lots of wet weather, and now cooler temperatures are settling in. And with it comes the hecticness of September!

Over the summer, I’ve been fortunate to have employers and managers get in touch to ask some interesting questions and request advice on unique HR situations. This is one of my favourite things I do because employers get the advice and backup actually to manage people and get on with other work.

I had some time to slack off over the summer. With family home from ‘away,’ getting out to several of our favourite summer restaurants, gardening, and finally getting to use my SUP (paddle board), I feel incredibly lucky to live in such a wonderful place. As the summer has come to an end, we have gotten to stay at our otherwise rented-out cottage and work remotely.

Now, I’ll be on the road lots with Insights Discovery workshops on- and off-Island, and getting back to writing policies and advising through the HR Mind Trust. I won't be teaching in the current semester with the UPEI Professional Development program. However, I have a variety of workshops available, including those on Conflict Resolution, Change Management, and numerous other subjects related to employee and HR management. If your group is interested in learning about these topics, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I hope that you had a great summer and are getting back into routines smoothly!


It's hard to believe that it has just been a year since I joined resolveHR, and what a journey it has been!

Throughout this summer, I've enjoyed working on a variety of projects for our clients. One standout project has been the thorough review and modernization of Employee Handbooks. It's been a tremendous learning experience, as it has brought into focus the ever-changing landscape of employment legislation. What's particularly interesting is the growing importance of policies related to remote and hybrid work arrangements. These concepts, which were once rare, have now become integral to our evolving workplace dynamics.

On a personal note, assisting organizations with their recruitment efforts across PEI, NB, and NS has been challenging and immensely rewarding. There is nothing like making a candidate's dream job offer.

As summer winds down and we approach fall, I'm eagerly looking forward to the exciting developments. Stay tuned for more updates from me and resolveHR!

News this Summer in Human Resources: 

Some summer stories that stood out to us

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