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Strategic Pathways for Effective Leadership ​in the field of Early Care and Education

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An amazing time had by all!

AELL's 39th Annual National Conference was a huge success and Seasonal Pathways was there! It was our pleasure to award our first group of ECE Director Credentials achievers with their "Star of Accomplishment".

Congratulation Dr. Kelci Rose

Bobette Thompson, Emerging Leader Content Expert, and Robin Stephenson, CEO for Seasonal Pathways, presented The Five Essentials of Leadership Communication to over 100 attendees.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and highlighted the need for more information and training in this area.  After the session, we received a number of "burning questions" that has developed into what we believe will be a valuable and timely training opportunity for each of our targeted leadership groups: Executive, Advancing, and Emerging Leaders.  Our Back to School for Leaders series may be just what your leadership needs to propel your 2023-2024 school year into your best year ever! As a special bonus to our AELL/ACEE conference attendees you have the exclusive opportunity to take advantage of our presale through July 15th and save by using the code attached to the respective training event below. 

Back to School for Leaders 

Grow an Exceptional Leadership Team and Hold Them Accountable

Presented by Robin Stephenson, M.Ed., and designed for executive leaders who have the responsibility and authority to recruit, hire, train, promote, and invest in team leadership.

Course Includes:

* The Executive Leader's Responsibilities
       - How to plan for success
       - How to get your team's buy-in
       - Ensuring the success of each team leader

*  Coaching the Team Leaders 
      -  How to identify their leadership developmental level
      -  ICE (Identify, Clarify, Execute) critical roles and responsibilities
      -  How to assess and coach team leaders through the strengths,     
          weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within their purview
      -  Coaching your team to successful outcomes.  

*  The Accountability Process
      -  Commitment
      -  Agreement
      -  Follow-through
      -  Support
      -  Consequences

Investment:  $249
Exclusive: AELL/ACEE
Pre-Sale: $199 through 
July 15th  [Code: PSX731]

Live:  Tuesday, August 1st 

Course Includes: 
*Three (3) comprehensive modules explaining step by step how to grow an exceptional leadership team and how to hold them accountable
*  Downloadable Course
*  Complimentary 20 min. personal follow-up question and answer call
** Pre-Sale Benefit 50 min.
personal follow-up question and answer call

Increase Your Influence and Build a More Effective Team

Presented by Robin Stephenson, M.Ed., and designed for advancing leaders who have the responsibility of growing and managing a team of informal and/or formal leaders.

Course Includes:

*  Professional Development Assignment & Planning System
     - The 5 Levels of Leadership and how they maximize your influence
     -  Using a SWOT Analysis for professional development
     -  Assessing your leadership development level(s)
     -  ICE Critical roles and responsibilities
*  Managing Others 

      -  Identifying teacher development stage & oversight requirements
      -  How to manage relationships when transitioning into leadership   

Investment:  $179

Exclusive: AELL/ACEE
Pre-Sale: $149 through
July 15th [Code: PSA731]

Live: Tuesday, August 1st

Course Includes:

*Three (3) comprehensive modules explaining step by step how to increase your influence and build your team.
* Downloadable Course

Developing your Pathway into Leadership

Presented by Bobette Thompson, and designed for emerging leaders, this course introduces a comprehensive overview and outline to help you create a pathway towards greater influence and earning the opportunity to share your emerging skills as a leader.

* What is leadership and am I ready?
     - The 5 different types of leadership influence 
     -  Understanding my professional aspirations
*  Creating a plan towards leadership success.

      - Using the ICE method to create a professional development plan
      - How your personal and professional reputation impacts your
         future success as a leader

*  How to approach leadership for management opportunities
- Managing upwards
     - Communicating with those to whom you report

Investment:  $79

Exclusive: AELL/ACEE
Pre-Sale: $49 through July 15th
[Code: PSE731]

Live: Tuesday, August 1st

Course Includes:

A comprehensive outline to help you create a pathway towards greater influence and earning the opportunity to share your desire for leadership.  


Watch for these exciting events...

The ECE Leadership Vodcast

Begins Wednesday, August 9th.  Do you have a topic you would like covered or something important to share?  Let us know!  More information to be announced soon!

How ECE Leaders Need to Reset Their Thinking for the Post COVID World

A new online mini-course for ECE Leaders now available. 

Introductory Rate: $19.95 

Regularly $29.95 


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