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It's Tuesday afternoon and it's gorgeous today in London. Sun and optimism, and I've got some great news: We're having a book sale!

So, if you've been thinking about getting one of our books, now would be a great time. They're all £5.95, which is about 50% off the regular memoir price of £10.95. That also includes our upcoming tattoo anthology, which we'll be releasing in September. And, I have a new page on our website with our tattoo contributors and their bios and photos which you can take a look at here:

I'll start with our trio of Scottish memoirs — the award-winning Blade in the Shadow; our bestselling recovery memoir Euphoric Recall; and our anti-memoir Fish Town that landed on the Big Scottish Book Club on the same show as poet laureate Jackie Kay (thank you Damian Barr!). 

"Disillusioned with life in Glasgow, I sold everything I had and left for a new life in a remote fishing village in Japan."

"As a schoolboy already caught up in addiction, I stood outside of a McDonalds waiting for a man I thought was my friend."

"A dark, rich account of how it feels to live with OCD glimmering with light and hope. A bold pursuit of a life that is more than just a way to survive.”

And here's our racy anthology trio including Sending Nudes, featured in The Guardian; and Cyber Smut, our most intellectual book; and Stories About Penises, by far not our most intellectual book but a crackin' good read.

"Have you ever sent a nude selfie? The question draws a thick red line between generations, throwing one side into a panic while the other just laughs."

“who were you talking to outside Boots? why did you zig-zag and not go straight? Oh spy who loves but doesn’t trust me."

"I woke, I pissed, I had a cum — my dick’s been good to me.

Though you could say that it’s the one to blame for everything."

And here are our three most recent books including The Peanut Factory, our 70s squatter memoir; Dear Mr Andrews our sugar dating memoir featured in The Guardian; and The Transformative Power of Tattoo, our upcoming short story and poetry anthology.

"Telling journal about the London squat scene in the post punk era. Compelling and disturbing in equal measure — especially the outside toilets."

"In an absolute act of submission this playful, hilarious, candid book dares to lay things bare for our entertainment. Highly recommended."

A bold collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry about the indelible marks we call tattoos, why we get them, and how they transform a person's life.

That's about it for now. I'm excited to share the tattoo anthology with you. I'll be in touch again soon to confirm the release date. Thanks for reading. 

Oh, yes, I did want to mention that I recently started offering publishing consultations as I've been receiving lots of emails from writers seeking advice. These are 1-hour 1-to-1 consultations to discuss traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing, literary agents, book marketing, or any publishing-related issue. If you'd like to find out more, please click here.

xx Julianne

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