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Find Your New Favorites With These Hand-Picked, SunGrown Selections:

1mL Chauffeur Syringe

This sweet Hybrid strain brings uplifting and creative effects for the day ahead. Our Syringes contain highly-concentrated cannabis oil that can be taken sublingually, used in cooking, or mixed into topicals. Make a better breakfast with a Syringe!



.5mL GlueBall Distillate Vape

GlueBall is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain that offers the perfect balance of energy and relaxation for those hectic work days.Our distillate vape cartridges contain full-spectrum, strain-specific cannabis distillate.



10pcs Sativa Milk Chocolate

Kickstart your day with terpene-infused Sativa Milk Chocolates! Made with fair-trade Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, our chocolate squares are both delicious and something you can feel good about.



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