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#10 Oct

On the 24th of November, in light of St Catherine's feast (our institute's patron saint) we will hold vespers at Wesley House Chapel, Cambridge, at 5:00pm.

The Vespers will be followed by a lecture at 6:00pm by Patricia Fann Bouteneff, DPhil, president and founder of Axia Women. Dr Bouteneff will speak about the Axia Women mission and women in the orthodox church. The lecture will also be made available on Zoom.

Please register your attendance on the link below:

Wesley House: Theology and Spirituality 

On 02/11/2023 our Vice Principal and Director of Research, Dr Razvan Porumb, held a lecture as an invited speaker for the "Theology and Spirituality" Seminar series of Wesley House. Dr Porumb articulated an Orthodox approach to ecumenism: "If orthodoxy is not only a state and a way of life, but also a fundamental calling - a continuing process, a journey to which we all are called - then Christians are all companions on the road to becoming more Christlike. Ecumenism should mean journeying together towards that goal, for the transfiguration of the world."

Trinity Hall Sermon 

On the 22nd of October, our Principal, Fr Dragos Herescu, gave a sermon at Trinity Hall College's Sunday evensong. Trinity Hall College's Chapel hosts a range of different guest speakers to preach at their weekly evening services. The theme of Fr Dragos' sermon was "otherness" both concerned with mitigating the distance between God and us and how that is translated in our relationship with our fellow humans.

Updating our Distance Learning Certificate

We are grateful to Dr Peter Bouteneff,  one of our Sabbatical scholars, who has been recording sessions to update the module on 'Sanctity and Asceticism'. This is part of our bigger project to address key updates for our Distance Learning Certificate. 

MA in Contemporary Faith and Belief in the Global Context +

Join a timely debate in the unique ecumenical context of the Cambridge Theological Federation on the role of faith and belief in the contemporary world.

MA in Christian Spirituality East and West +

MA in Christian Spirituality East and West Explore the meaning and the role of spirituality in the context of the Christian traditions as well as in today’s multi-cultural and multi-religious environments.

PhD/MPhil in Orthodox Studies +

A personal pathway of research defined by your own research proposal and supported by a team of supervisors.

Distance Learning Certificate +

Comprising of 10 modules delivered entirely by distance learning (via Moodle). The Certificate by Distance Learning has been running for over 10 years. Students are supported by a team of well-trained, experienced and friendly Tutors, who are always there to accompany the you during your academic journey. Lectures are offered by distinguished Orthodox theologians and teachers from the UK and beyond.

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