Thanks so much  to those who emailed their response about the two book covers sent earlier this week. I'm still counting up the "votes." Much appreciated!

 After spending four months overseas and catching up with old friends and family, I'm finally safely home in the Land of the Long White Cloud - Aotearoa - New Zealand. It's about 15 degrees cooler here and taking some adjustment! 

It's good to be home, where the air is sweet, the water is clean and fresh. I'm not sure if familiarity breeds contempt - but it certainly provides a happy sense of security. Isn't that the key to enjoying life - a sense of belonging and loving a fulfilling life? 

I'm feeling the pressure to complete Whisper Island and need to knuckle down now that I'm back on home turf with only cobwebs and dust levels as an excuse. In another shock announcement, my husband has taken over cooking! I know... I'm still swallowing hard (from the shock and champers darlings!!) such wicked wayward minds!!

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I wrote Night Lark while overseas last year and had zero advertising budget when I returned home. So Night Lark hasn't had the exposure it should have. Many of you love The Foster Mother, and I'm sure you'll enjoy Night Lark too. It's also a psychological thriller/domestic suspense with a touch of romance too. Here's a few comments for reader reviews:

“The story has lots of emotional drama and characters have psychological issues which add to the suspense. There’s no gruesome blood and gore which made it a pleasure to read. Kept me hooked right to the last word.”

"Many twists and turns to the book that will keep you turning page after page. Great read I really enjoyed the story"

"There was so much drama and so many twists. It kept me guessing till the end"

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If you're in the UK, USA or Australia you'll enjoy up to 75% off RRP which drops to 50% during this 5-day promo. Here's some reader comments about this popular thriller;

"I found myself emersed in a haunting and atmospheric world, turning the pages feverishly as the tension built to a crescendo."

"I recommend this book. The reactions of the individual people and how they handled everything was like I was right beside them."

"This was a great thriller. The characters were well-written and the story was definitely nonstop craziness, but in a very good way."

A few pix of my travels to Spain and South Africa over the past four months. It looks like enough champagne to get me through Christmas!!!

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Many thanks and Happy Reading during Naughty November!

Nicky Webber


PS: A BIG thanks to the friends who have donated to the Afghan family I sponsor in Kabul. The mother and five children (4 daughters who are banned from an education under the Taiban) greatly appreciate your support.

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