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Hey Friends!

How's September been for you so far? It's almost the middle of the month! I can't believe it! I hope it's getting cooler for those of you that live in hot areas, and I hope it's warming up for our friends below the equator!

Well, it's been an exciting weekend for me! My newest book went LIVE on Amazon on Friday. It's my first full length book! I'm so excited! If you haven't gotten it yet, I put a link below. Ummmm I think I'll probably send it out a couple more times this week, too, lol, just cuz I can, and cuz I'm excited!

Happy reading, and have a great week!

~ Sky

During the shifters and fae territory war, He appears and sparks my forbidden desires.

He's not a Werecat but a Gancanagh, a mysterious race of shifters; with his broad shoulders, perfect lips, and all my attention, he's not the distraction I could plan for.

My conviction to find the kidnapper while working with a mystical beast brings me closer to danger.

Though I am a member of the Seelie court, he is the forbidden fruit I crave.

Trusting is a test we both must pass to secure the child.

The Seelie and Unseelie courts are always at odds, but the kidnapping of a human child is taking it too far.

My New Book Is 

Now Available on Amazon!

My brother Bowen is missing. I don’t need a fortune teller to complicate my quest to find him. Especially a hot, sexy, infuriatingly sassy one.

She makes me want to break every rule in the Angel’s Rulebook.

Specifically, the one about consorting with practitioners of magic.

Not to mention the one about sleeping with them.

But our mutual lust for each other continually threatens to derail my quest to find him.

Until I discover that our lives are entangled, like it or not.

A powerful sorcerer has used his ring to steal her family’s magic.

And now Bowen is under his spell.

Together, we must defeat this sorcerer and free her and her family.

His magic is getting stronger daily.

If we fail, it could be the end of our love, not to mention all of mankind.

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