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Hey Friends!

Please check out this awesome shifter/fae novel! I'm excited to read it!

~ Sky

A Hybrid and an Alpha Werewolf Shifter, not a match made in heaven.

My father hates me, always has, since my mom died when I was young.

When I turned 18, I discovered I’m half Fae and half human. I also discovered I have some magic when I caused a few ‘things’ to move and disappear.

I found the name of a Fae Queen among my mother’s belongings. After finding the Queen, she helped me understand my magic and my nature.

But the Queen had plans for me, and those plans didn't work out.

Now alone and running for my life, I’m pursued by both a hired hunter of a Fae Prince who thinks I’m an abomination and a werewolf pack who think my magic is a threat.

The werewolf pack hunts me down.

An inexplicable pull, electric sparks, an unhinged desire, toward the scary but gorgeous Alpha wolf with his unwavering stare, dominant aura and blatant need for me, is unnerving.

He says I’m his mate.

Will the pack and the Alpha accept and support me? After all, I did save one of their cubs.

I’m going to need them.

The hunter and his army are still coming for me.

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