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Hey Friends!

Well, September is almost over and we are into Fall (or Spring, for those tuning in from below the Equator!). It's hard to believe! My new book, Angel's Journey, will be launching in a week! That's number 3 in the Angel's Destiny Series. If you want to join my Advance Reader Copy Team, get a copy NOW and promise to leave a review on Amazon when it goes live, click here!

I love helping other Indie Authors get their name out there! If I can help each one get a few sales, or a few new people on their newsletters, it makes me happy! So please, click away on these books! It helps each of us a lot! :)

PS: Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and check out the Magic of the Paranormal promotion! Lots of good books there, too!

~ Sky

I thought he was saving me, but I became his slave…

I don’t want to be stuck with a vampire, but I can’t resist him.

He’s the enemy and wants to immortalize me.

What he doesn’t know is I have a secret that could ruin his evil plan.

I was hiding in the Vineyard until he found me and gave me no choice but to stay… as his captive.

Arrogant but handsome Eric is now my keeper, but there’s something more that stops me from wanting to escape.

His words have the power to enchant me even when I know I must refuse him.

But I secretly yearn to feel his touch.

I know I could defeat him, but my heart is saying no.

I want to know what lies beneath his dark eyes.

If I surrender I’ll be just like him. But if I destroy him, I could lose my one true love

My friend Alexa's newest book was just released today!

Torn from my home and thrown into a world of danger and uncertainty, I find myself at the mercy of a handsome but menacing bandit Lord.

Imprisoned in his stone tower, I am resolved to hate him but can't seem to deny the pull of his good looks, alluring body, and menacing yet enigmatic aura.

I'm finding that my captor to be both a formidable foe and an irresistible temptation....

Click on the book or HERE to get it!

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