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Itinerant Diaries Podcast

Itinerant Diaries is a regular podcast covering our most recent adventures and travels.

Interview with Ross Naylor-Tatterson

Duke sits down with Ross Naylor-Tatterson in Branson, MO to talk Vineyard Missions.

Episode 18 - Colorado & Convoy

Duke and Marie share what they've been up to the past few weeks with some God stories and observations.

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Metron Ministries

Spending time with the Cincinnati area pastors and leaders

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Metron Ministries

Ministry time at Oxford Vineyard in Ohio

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Excerpt from a sermon at Greeley Vineyard Church. Duke quotes from Kevin Springer's memoirs as he challenges us to respond to the Big Words in our life. (2:30 min).

Definition of Success

Obedience defines success, not the outcome. #MetronMinistries #IncreaseYourMeasure


Vineyard Midwest Central Regional

Oct 15-16
Urbana, IL

Vineyard Gulf Coast Regional

Oct 17-19
Conroe, TX

Colombia Mission Trip

Oct 25-30
Bogota & Medellin, Colombia

Vineyard Great Lakes Regional

Nov 12-14
Toledo, OH

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