We're celebrating 31 years in Westport! New coffees from Nicaragua, Bolivia, Thailand, and maybe a little treat for reading. View in browser 

September Newsletter

31 Years in Westport
New Coffees
Art in Westport

September 2, 1992

Fall is in the air.
It's seven a.m. An early morning in Westport.
Sara unlocks the front door, and greets friends and family for the very first coffee served at the Broadway Cafe. 
Thirty One Years Later
The Broadway has many more friends, and those friends have their own families.
Thanks for the support over the years!

Be on the lookout for our Anniversary Blend to hit the shelves during the month of September.

New Arrivals and Incoming Coffee

September brings us the Nicaragua Don Pio arrival, as well as an old favorite from Bolivia!
Our friends at Beanspire in Thailand have shipped us this years harvest to arrive in Oakland very soon.
The Nicaragua Don Pio is available online and in the Cafe.
Order the Armchair Travelers selection on our website for a chance to get the Bolivia, Thai, or even the Red Sea Blend delivered to you.

Order Nicaragua Don Pio Here

Art Westport

September 8-10, 2023

The 43rd Art Westport event is happening September 8-10, 2023! The 43-year event is the largest visual art show that exclusively showcases juried, high-quality Kansas City-regional artists’ work and annually attracts more than 30,000 visitors.

Art Westport Hours
Friday, September 8 from 3pm-9pm
Saturday, September 9 from 10am-9pm
Sunday, September 10 from 11am-5p

Click this link to read more about Art in Westport

Become an Armchair Traveler!

We have coffees from Thailand, Sulawesi, Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, and many more from Exotic Lands.
These coffees are generally only available weekly at our Roasting location and Cafe.

If you order this item online we will Roast one of these coffees as a Surprise! 
This is a good way to try new and different coffees we don't have listed on our website. This is not a recurring order. Think of it as a one way ticket to Paradise.

As a thanks for reading to the end of our newsletter, here’s a code for 15% off your next order! (expires 10/01/2023)


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