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August signals the end of the sweet, slow pace of summer and catapults us into the busy fall season.

The trick to staying on top of your packed schedule is having cold brew concentrate stocked in the fridge at all times.

We're sharing our fail-proof recipe for making excellent toddy concentrate at home (with the 1 gallon Toddy® Cold Brew System, available for purchase at either Broadway location.)

Whether adding to water and ice, milk, or shaking with vodka and coffee liqueur for a 3-ingredient espresso martini, cold brew concentrate is easy to make and more versatile than you can imagine.


1. Gather your ingredients:

  • 8 cups cold, filtered water
  • 12oz coffee beans, ground for French press (or the coarsest setting available on your grinder)
  • 1 gallon Toddy® Cold Brew System
  • Paper filter
  • Timer
  • (Optional) Toddy filter disc
  • (Optional) Gooseneck kettle, for directed pouring

2. Plug the bottom of your brewer.

3. Insert paper filter. If using filter disc, thoroughly wet, squeeze out, then place in bottom of brewer. (One method of filtration will do the trick, but using both disc and paper filter results in a super clean cup.)

4. Pour 1 cup filtered water into bottom of brewer to wet filter.

5. Pour half of the 12oz bag of ground coffee into brewer atop 1 cup water.

6. Slowly pour in 3 cups water, using small circular motions to saturate all grounds. Set timer for 5 minutes.

7. Once timer finishes, sprinkle remaining 6oz coffee into brewer. Pour the remaining 4 cups water over fresh grounds, in the same, small circular motions to encourage all grounds to get wet.

8. Cover brewer with the kit’s grey silicone lid or simply with plastic wrap/tea towel and a rubber band. Set timer for 18-24hrs. (the longer the brew, the stronger the concentrate.)

9. When timer is finished, station your brewer directly over the empty carafe and slowly wedge the plug out. Allow brewer to drain completely and compost or discard paper filter bag with used grounds. (If using filter disc, rinse out completely and lay to dry.)

10. Enjoy your fresh concentrate for up to 2 weeks!

We recommend starting with a 1:1 concentrate/water ratio over ice for classic cold brew. For a quick iced latte, swap water with your favorite milk for a 1:1 concentrate/milk ratio over ice.

Making toddy at home is a great way to save money and dial in your iced coffee JUST the way you like it. 

Stop in to get a Toddy kit this weekend and start with our Roastmaster’s Choice blend.

Did you know you can also purchase flavored syrups from your Broadway barista? The possibilities are endless...

Happy brewing!
Ellen + the Broadway crew

Roastmaster's Choice Blend

A blend of our current Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan and Natural Ethiopian coffees.
The blend Broadway Café uses for our signature cold brew, also delicious brewed hot.

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