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New Coffee on the Horizon

Our coffee from Nicaragua is on the way.
Expected arrival is late July.

The months of May, June and July are exciting times for receiving fresh crop coffees from Central America.
From the beginning of the harvest, around September-January, communication concerning the upcoming harvest is intense.
Currently, the coffee is resting in parchment at the export mill, and as our supply gets low, emails are starting to fly.

Arrangements for pickup, shipment to the port, arrival in Houston, and a train ride up to Kansas City always seems like it takes forever.

photo of Norman Canales, his Father Daniel, and Broadway's own Jon Cates 

A little background on Los Delirios farm.

Daniel Canales purchased a small cattle farm in 1958, and named it
Los Delirios.
Daniel's three sons, Norman, Milton, and Donal worked with their father to expand the farm to what it is today.
An award-winning certified organic coffee farm. A true oasis in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua.
The plot on the Los Delirios organic coffee farm where my favorite tasting coffee is grown, was named after Norman's Grandfather, Don Pio Canales Lopez. Daniel gifted the plot to Norman's mother on their anniversary!
It is the oldest area of the farm, just to the right of the entrance, approaching the wet mill.
The shade trees are tall, and provide the perfect canopy over this area.
We always taste samples from the many areas of Los Delirios, and the Don Pio plot has remained our favorite for the past 7 years.

The flavors of this plot are the definition of Nicaraguan coffee for me.

Sweet, Caramel & Chocolate, hints of Nuts, and a balanced acidity.
The perfect coffee enjoyed as a Single Origin, and as one of the key ingredients in our Espresso Blend.
I know you'll enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

Signing Off:
Jon Cates

While we all wait for the Nicaragua Don Pio to arrive, tide yourself over with one of our other favorite Central American coffees:

Fair Trade Organic Mexico Chiapas

Medium-body, chocolatey, sweet & herbaceous with balanced acidity. A crowd pleaser.

Fair Trade Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango

Full-body, sweet praline & fruit compote notes leaving a smooth, nutty finish.

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