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Email Inspiration
Mate Email Design Inspiration   Mate   MATE is celebrating 10 years with a sale and a heartfelt thank you letter from their founder. Dressing clean looks and feels GOOD with MATE.   Inspect Email ➝  
Google Bard Email Design   Google   AI is a super hot topic at the moment, and Google Bard isn't going to let Chat GPT hog the spotlight. We love the subtle animated gifs throughout this email because they attract the eye and help illustrate how the product works. We're excited to try some of these new features out!   Inspect Email ➝  
Welcome Email from Fish Wife   Fish Wife   Did you hear tinned fish has made a comeback? FIsh Wife's welcome email is basic but effective - a single sentence about who they are and a new customer discount. Let's see what types of emails they'll follow up with.   Inspect Email ➝  
The North Face Welcome Email   The North Face   North Face has a lot to say and they say it beautifully. We like that they keep the opening simple - hero image and a brief description of the type of content you can expect. We also like they really don’t use a lot of real estate talking about their actual products (which makes sense because your average shopper knows what they’re about). Instead they focus on their community, their tech, and their athlete program.   Inspect Email ➝  
Supergoop Welcome Email Design   Supergoop!   This is a nice Welcome email from the sunscreen brand Supergoop. They spotlight their Bestsellers and highlight what differentiates their products with some fun icons.   Inspect Email ➝  
Design Within Reach Email Inspiration   Design Within Reach   We love how Design Within Reach has integrated some beautiful photography into their email template. They have cleverly blended the hero image with HTML text, creating a unique-looking email from their standard template. We're also big fans of sending email subscribers this type of content to keep them interested and engaged over the long term.   Inspect Email ➝  
Caraway Mother’s Day Email Inspiration   Caraway   Caraway uses a great mix of (mom-based) customer reviews and product imagery in this Mother's Day email. We also enjoy the animated ticker that calls attention to the offer.   Inspect Email ➝  
Brilliant Earth Mother’s Day Email Inspiration   Brilliant Earth   Beautiful email from the Brilliant Earth team. We love the product curation, gorgeous photography, and fun icons. Happy Mother's day!   Inspect Email ➝  
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