5-Day Keto Kickstart Challenge

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So far, we’ve made a smoothie and a fat bomb—dessert keto style!

Ketogenic Diet Staples

Staples include coconut, olive, and avocado oils, nuts/nut butters, eggs, grass-fed butter, hard cheeses (although dairy-free is another option), grass-fed animal proteins, cruciferous vegetables, and small amounts of berries and other low-glycemic fruits.

In the Standard American Diet, fuel is sourced from the large amount of carbohydrates and sugars that people consume. This means that glucose is the main source of cellular energy in the body. Unfortunately, high consumption of carbs and sugars leads to many chronic and debilitating illnesses, including obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

For today…

Click this LINK for your online recipe card. It will open in your browser window. Then…

Head over to our Facebook group and post a comment or picture of the beef dinner you made. It will be fun to see yours. I like to eat mine in lettuce wraps. Yes, it’s still keto!

I'll be LIVE in the Facebook group tonight to share alternative versions of this recipe and answer any questions you may have . Look for the live streaming video at 6pm MT. Can’t be there? The replay will be available to watch afterwards.

Talk soon,

Dr. K

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