5-Day Keto Kickstart Challenge

Hi ,

Yesterday we kicked things off with a yummy keto breakfast smoothie.

Now, what exactly is a fat bomb? A fat bomb is a healthy high-fat (as much as 80%), low-carbohydrate snack or dessert, often with some protein added for good measure.

For today…

We are making a fat bomb!

Click this LINK for your online recipe card. It will open in your browser window. Then…

Head over to our Facebook group and post a picture of your fat bomb. It will be fun to see what yours looks like. Mine looks like a giant Reese’s cup!

I'll be LIVE in the Facebook group tonight to share alternative versions of this recipe and answer any questions you may have . Look for the live streaming video at 6pm MT. Can’t be there? The replay will be available to watch afterwards.  You must be part of the FB group to see the videos (live or replays).

Talk soon,

Dr. K

p.s. If you miss any part of the challenge, you can find all materials in the archive until 5/31/23.

In the meantime, your friends are more than welcome to join us! Please share this link so they can get registered.

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