3rd Sept - Issue #007

The Retiree Newsletter

Hey everybody , welcome to this week's edition. 

To celebrate Spring and the renewal of the earth, this week we have a mixed bag of topics, just to freshen our palate after the winter. 

So without further ado - let's get into it and enjoy.

Happy Retirement

Sometimes I believe that once we leave the “formal” working environment the perception is that everything we have ever learnt falls by the wayside. The reality is that this is very much not  the case and as seniors we still have a huge amount that we can contribute back into the community and workplace as a whole.

Just look at how innovative the solution was that these “grannies” came up with to make a delicate subject more acceptable to not only the affected parties by to society as a whole. Read more

For many people around the world, fitness and exercise is something they will avoid at all costs, as its not something they enjoy at all. This number increases as one gets older and our bodies start slowing down etc.

There are however, very interesting ways that one can stay healthy and include exercise in our day-to-day living without it being termed actual exercise. This article explains it in more detail. Read more

With all the challenges of modern day living and the natural progression to getting older, brain health and mental strength seems to take the hardest knock. We can all accept that with ageing comes the eventual decline in physical health but I think anybody would agree that still being mentally able, can counter these physical changes. Find out how to slow down cognitive decline in this insightful article. Read more

Retirement Things to do

For many people in retirement or very soon going to retire, the biggest question next to financial concerns is, “What am I going to do with my time?”

There are so many ways that one can keep busy, connected and still make an impact plus earn a little extra on the side, if one only stays open-minded. Here is a list of ideas to kick off what’s possible. Read More

Before retirement people were challenged every day in their work environments and living to continue learning. Once retirement hits, there is not necessarily the same type of exposure happening, therefore we must make a concerted effort to learn something new every day. Here is a great system that allows one to do exactly that. Read more

Retired Life

With retirement comes many very important, crucial life decisions that will impact the balance of our lives. Not only that, but everyday decisions also do not disappear, they just morph into what’s relevant in the current situation. So many decisions, that one sometimes feels just like curling up into a corner and ignoring the fact that these decisions need to be made. Here are some very handy tips how to deal with exactly that feeling. Read more

Tech Tips

An excellent article with great tips and guides for ensuring your safety online. Read more

Remember When and Trivia

Do you remember the slang from your childhood and young adult years? A great blast from the past to share with everybody and to take you back a “few” years. Read more

Editor's Corner

This week's contribution from me, is a personal one and I hope that it will give you some food for thought and to put the necessary plans in place should anything like this happen to you.

This applies especially if you are a solo retiree, like myself. This is also one of the reasons why this newsletter is going out a bit late, and for this I apologise.

A few days ago, I came back from spending the day out (no alcohol involved- lol) and in getting out of my car to unload the stuff I had taken with me, my ankle twisted and before I knew what had happened, I was lying on the ground. I duly got up, dusted myself off and realised I had a very sore knee and my right hand was not okay.

Gritting my teeth, I quickly pulled my car into the garage and went into the house and immediately prepared a hand soak for my hand with Himalayan Pink Salt and Epsom salts as well as essential Oils. Took some meds for the pain and nursed my hand along. Several hours later it was double the size of my left hand and starting to throbbing like mad.

Tough cookie as I am wont to be, I waited until the next day before acknowledging that it would need a visit to the Dr. 

Cutting a long story short, turns out nothing broken, but confirmed ligaments torn in hand, the thumb not working and palm of the hand completely blue as well as the whole thumb.

This is my dominant hand and now I cannot drive as I cannot even make a fist, plus it can take up to 6 weeks before I have full functionality of my thumb back.

These sorts of things can happen when least expected and put a huge damper on your life and what you need to do. Make sure that you have the necessary fall-back plan or Option B in place, should something like this happen to you.

- Do you have somebody that can drive you to the Dr etc if needed?

- Is there some way you can get hold of groceries and medication if needed?

- Can somebody come and help you prepare meals?

- What are you going to keep yourself busy with?

- If you operate a business from home – do you have somebody that can come in and help you?

Think a scenario like this through and then get your plans set up so that you are prepared.

Believe me, its not easy brushing you teeth if you are right-handed with your left, never mind trying to get the dishes washed !!!

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