30th July - Issue #005

The Retiree Newsletter

Hey everybody , welcome to this week's edition. 

As this week draws to a close we have just had one of the coldest spells in the country where snow, hectic wind and high waves were the order of the day. As in life we have to take the "bad"with the good and this applies just as much in retirement. 

Preparing ourselves mentally to handle these ups and downs becomes paramount as we get older and in this week's edition we focus on some of these concerns. 

So without further ado - let's get into it!

Happy Retirement

Something that has become more and more prevalent especially where I live, is the tendency for landlords to not allow pets for people that rent their properties. In some cases, it even applies to children, but that’s a discussion for another day.

The benefits of having pets in retirement are so numerous and so vital for older people, helping them to thrive and enjoy life. It’s my belief this needs to be discussed more and adopted as a standard offering when looking for accommodation. Read more …

As the world populations age and the numbers of older people increase, it becomes a bigger societal issue to ensure those populations are given all the support to stay happy and live out their lives thriving.

Socializing is a very large part of that happiness, not only with their peers but other younger people too. Its good to know how best to build those social networks and maintain them in a healthy way. Read more …

Staying positive in today’s topsy-turvy world is a challenge at the best of time. It becomes an even bigger challenge in retirement as one is not actively connecting in the ways you did when you were still working and having other people around you each day.

Even if you live in a retirement community its very easy to lose your positivity. Here are some great tips to feel more positive each day … Read more

Retirement Things to do

Travelling is very much one of the top suggestions to make use of your time in retirement. This does not always mean it needs to be expensive or going to far-flung destinations. Something local could reveal some lovely options and the added benefit is that it needn’t cost the earth either. Read more …

Here is another top suggestion how to keep yourself busy and beautify your surroundings plus all the added benefits that come from enjoying this pastime. Read more …

Retired Life

Does your family or your friends know where to find all your important information in times of a crises?

Although this article was written with emergencies in mind like natural disasters etc and for the American market – most of it can be tweaked and used locally too. It’s a great way to have everything on hand for when one needs its most. Read more …

Tech Tips

We can all agree that passwords are the bane of our digital existence nowadays. What’s worse than forgetting a password when one needs it a crucial time…

Yes, one could use a password app but those also have their limitations. In this excellent article, the author shares a great way to always remember your passwords and a way that you can personalise it for your use… Read More

Remember When and Trivia

Dentistry is the oldest profession in the world.

Dentistry goes all the way back to when humans first had teeth… well, not quite that long. However, one study found evidence of teeth being drilled in skulls that dates from 7,500 to 9,000 years ago. The holes were likely made using a prehistoric bow drill. Could that be the work of the first dentist?

Other biting research conducted by the University of Bologna, Italy on a 14,000-year-old skull found that "one rotten tooth in the jaw had been deliberately scoured and scraped with a tool." That makes dentistry one of the oldest recorded professions and is definitely a reason to smile.

Editor's Corner

In line with the article about a positive mindset, I would like you to think about ways that you can change your thinking and how you view life. 

One of the easiest ways is to read books that provide you with food for thought and some tips to handle everyday life and its challenges. Getting different perspectives to your own life view, expands your horizons and allows you to grow.

I wrote a blogpost on some of the (in my humble opinion) best personal growth books I have come across and read myself over the years. Hopefully they will add some value to your personal growth journey and exploration. Enjoy …

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