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Kitty Chronicles

A monthly newsletter to keep you updated about all things cats in our world of rescue at Fur All Kittys

We had some record-breaking numbers for July!!

Some of our July Adoptees

We have awesome fosters!

Jane and Jamie have mastered the art of Work-From-Home while snuggling their little fosters!

If you would like info on how to add kittens to your fashion accessories please click here.

THANK YOU so much for all of your support during our July festivities!  We had a busy month with our BINGO, Kitty Yoga, our Grand Opening, and a few Vendor Shows.

You all showed up for the Kittys and we appreciate you!!  

Do you ever wonder where we get all these cats that we put up for adoption? 

Haha – sometimes, we wonder about the same thing too!

Sadly, we don’t have to look too far – most days all we have to do is check our messages or open our Shelter doors. We average a dozen situations daily where we have strangers seeking out help from our small rescue. These situations range from a change of status in a family causing the need for rehoming cats to a good Samaritan finding cats in need to a property manager contacting us when pets have been abandoned to a lawn crew who find a bag of cats.   We also work with a network of cat rescues/lovers in our area, and also participate in trapping efforts in local communities; and many times, we rehab these cats for adoption.

During July we took in over 85 intakes from dozens of situations. 

For those we cannot physically assist, we offer other resource options to look into as we have limited resources and we must decline some intakes for the sake of the greater good of our current cats, our rescue, our supporters, and our volunteers. 

Sometimes we are too busy to get to all of our messages in a day, and sometimes we are too worn out to reply with the utmost of professionalism you may expect, and sometimes not the answer you want to hear...but know we do this for the cats, not the humans.  We are 100% volunteer run and 100% donation run so please respect our limits.  We are doing the best we can, with what we have.  

Here are a few ways you can help!

Volunteer with us, donate to help our cause, encourage your boroughs to assist with neuter efforts in your community, if you feed a stray you should fix it, and educate your kids and your people on the responsibilities of being a good pet owner. 

Our Kitty Lounge will be open to visitors more regularly in August and beyond!

Stay tuned to our FB Events Page for details!

Fur All Kittys

1824 Homeville Road

West Mifflin, PA 15122

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