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Life-changing strategy in a fast-changing world.

Muzzle it and make millions.

Never allow the parameters of someone else's existence define yours.

I was raking in the cash and needed an extra pair of hands to keep things rolling. Enter my mother. She had reluctantly taken up the unenviable task of managing the accounts receivable while I hunted for a suitable employee.

Let's back up a bit, though.

See, my mother had always been the voice of pragmatism. She wasn't exactly the cheerleader for my entrepreneurial ambitions. And truth be told, who could blame her? I'd been running with one idea after another, tripping up more often than not, while she sent up her daily mantra from the foot of the stairs, "GET A JOB BABY!"

So, picture this.

She's poring over the monthly invoices, numbers running into six figures, and she looks at me wide-eyed, "You're owed all this?" I nod, and her jaw quite literally drops. That was it. That was the moment her doubt evaporated, replaced with a newfound faith in my business pursuits. Years later, I'd take great pleasure in wiping off her mortgage with one fat check.

So here's the thing. My mom's skepticism was annihilated by tangible results. Done eliminated doubt, and wiped it off the map.

DONE wiped DOUBT off the map.

One colossal mistake a greenhorn entrepreneur lusting after the good life, complete control over time, and a life that thrums with purpose can make is to yak away.

Yep, talk.

I'm referring to the trap of unveiling your lofty dreams and ambitions to the average Joe or Jane leading an average life. See, these folks are soaked in a culture that worships the Scripted life, where being a victim and average are seen as virtues.

Take a gander at the fresh-faced enthusiasts popping into the forum, and it's clear that their problems are not about business or Fastlane, CENTS, or a lack of ideas. It's about feeling adrift in a sea of skepticism.

Remember the wisdom of Mom: "Talk is cheap."

Replace "plans" with "pipe dreams," and you've pretty much summed up the general sentiment.

So here's the deal: Save your words.

And don't even think about that Instagram story.

The unsettling truth you've got to swallow is that not only does no one care, they don't believe you either. Even when they pat your back or smash that like button, they're still doubtful and expect you to falter.

Put up a post about a shiny new promotion or a job, and watch the likes rain. But talk about launching your own venture, and you'll be greeted with deafening silence. What's more, those closest to you might try to douse your dreams. Resistance could even escalate to threats – of divorce, eviction, or cutting off financial aid.

Defying conventional wisdom? Brace yourself for a barrage of 'common sense' from commoners stuck in the rat race.

No one gets rich quick!
Retiring with millions in your 30s? Yeah, right!
Most startups are doomed!
DeMarco is just another snake oil salesman selling dreams!

But here's the thing. This skepticism isn't unwarranted. It's rooted in reality because talk is, indeed, cheap. Announcing grand plans is easy, but walking the talk? That's the real grind. You can't make the skeptics see the light with mere chit-chat. You can thrust any of my books in their face, but you can't force them to read it, much more, believe it.

Living by someone else's opinion means living their life, not yours.

The only antidote to doubt is to act, to deliver, to get it done.

Done is pulling into your parents' driveway in a brand-new, loan-free Ferrari. Done is hiring your uncle because business is booming. Done is watching your mother's jaw drop as she deals with six-figure invoices and then surprising her with a mortgage-free life.

Done is achievement. Done is the ultimate doubt-killer.

Enough said. Shut your mouth, quit sharing social media pipe-dreams from your parent's attic, and get to work.

MJ DeMarco, Entrepreneur, Author

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