Dear Vajra Family & Friends,

We are very happy to announce later this month, in our auspicious Kunselling: a 5½ day retreat of Vajra Dance and Mandarava! With certified instructor Cindy Faulkner: June 19th - 24th

We will alternate Tuns of the Dance of the Song of the Vajra with long and short tuns of the practice of the wisdom Dakini Mandarava, including Chudlen and Tsa lung practices. Please note that this is not a teaching retreat but a group practice retreat and participants should have previously received teaching and transmission of the practices.


The formal form for registering is here.
(NB: this year, we are trying Framaforms instead of Google.)
Any questions, please contact organiser Ben.

Monday we will begin at 9.30am.
Tuesday to Saturday we will begin at 7 am.
We will finish after lunch on Saturday.

There will also be a Yantra Yoga practice session from Tuesday at 7.45am daily for those wishing to participate.

Accommodation: ordinary member £14 per night, sustaining member and KSL package £12, non-member £27. Food: £15 per day. Teaching: suggested voluntary donation: £30 per day. To stay in the caravan: £10 per night; to camp: £5 per night.

Summer Events at Kunselling also Include:
June 10th - 11th: Tara Teaching & Practice with Julia lawless
July 4th - 11th: Dharma Teaching at Kunselling with authorised instructor Steven Landsberg.
July 12th - 16th: Summer Karma Yoga
July 24th - 29th: Teaching retreat on the Dance of the Song of the Vajra part 1
A 5 1/2 day residential.course for beginners and improvers. Dzogchen transmission is required for this course.
July 29th - August 6th: Dzogchen teachings with Igor Berkhin: now fully booked.

In the first instance please direct all enquiries about these events to the named organiser or Red Lau.

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