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And just like that, Autumn is here. And with it comes exciting announcements: our first Community Learning course (register below!), the winner of the student paper award, a new publication, and reduced costs to access the Conference videos.

This summer was a busy one (when isn't it!) and included Helen joining with the Restored UK team in Porterdown and Dublin for their 'Changing the Story' Conference.

The CSBV exists not only to produce academic content to grapple with the texts and theologies of violence and the Bible, but also to equip and assist churches and individuals with their understanding and why this matters.

One resource that serves this arm of the Centre is the small group study series "The Bible Doesn't Tell Us So", designed to help equip the church to recognise and resist domestic abuse and coercive control. Another is our *NEW* Community Learning Certificate.

Community Learning Certificate

Our first course takes place online and in Middletown, Ohio, 23-28 October 2023. The title is "Suffering and Sorrow" and it will be taught by Dr Ashley Hibbard. Topics covered include:

- Violence and suffering in scripture
- How to tackle difficult texts such as biblical conquests and the imprecatory psalms
- How to hear victims' voices in scripture and why it matters

The course runs as part of our new Community Learning Certificate, made of 5 courses. Future courses will include teaching on Christian Nationalism, Gender-Based Violence and the Bible and Christian Peace Building. Join one course or complete all 5 for the CSBV certificate.

These courses are designed to be accessible for anyone interested, and run with the intention to equip and encourage people to engage with scripture and its application. 

The cost for "Suffering and Sorrow" is $75 if just attending, or $150 for those wanting to engage in the reflections.

Contact Ashley Hibbard at [email protected] for more information and to register.

CSBV Annual Student Paper Award Winner - Sara Amestegui Deik

We are proud to announce that Research Student Sara Amestegui Deik is the winner of the CSBV Annual Student Paper Award, with her paper presented at the 'Let Justice Roll' conference. Congratulations, Sara.

New Book from Helen Paynter

A photo of the cover of Helen Paynter's latest book 'Blessed are the peacemakers'

We are delighted to introduce you to a new book written by Helen Paynter, the CSBV's Director, titled "Blessed are the Peacemakers: A Biblical Theology of Human Violence". Pre-order now for November release. Also available on audiobook.

Before exploring what the Bible says about violence, Old Testament scholar Helen Paynter sets out the contours for the study ahead by addressing the various definitions of violence and the theories of its origins, prevalence, and purpose. What is violence? Is there such a thing as "natural violence"? Is violence a human or social construct or can we describe natural phenomena as violent? How does the concept of violence relate to the concept of evil? Violence is everywhere; is it escapable? How do we resist violence?

The Old Testament readings in the semi-continuous option for the RCL in September are from the Book of Exodus. Carmen Imes invites us to pose the question as to whose version of reality we are going to trust.

Paul Lutton and CSBV Research Student Francis Mathew provide their summaries of our Annual Conference, this year entitled ‘Let Justice Roll: Scripture and Power in Palestine’ and run in partnership with Christ at the Checkpoint. 

As the wedding season comes to an end, Heidi Epstein reconsiders divine love and the musical metaphors that help to understand it. This blog is part of our Healing, Hostility, Hymnody series.

Reduced Tickets & Old Testament Session

The videos from Let Justice Roll are now available to access for a reduced price of £10. The final Old Testament session will take place on 1 Dec at 7pm with Revd Dr Niveen Sarras and tickets will be released soon. Conference ticket holders have access to this session included in their ticket.

Anabaptist Lecture 2023

'Why Women Doing Theology Matters for Everyone: Sexual Violence, Tainted Legacies, and the Integrity of Anabaptist Theology' by Dr Fran Porter.

Join online for this FREE lecture on Weds 11th November at 11am.

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