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You Were Born Limitless' Dr. Ola Abbas

From war-infested countries to covid infected wards, Ola walks us through a journey of reaching your potential and tapping into the abundance you have always been destined for.



I was bullied for my race, religion, sex, and the way I looked.

I suffered a significant wave of post-traumatic stress. 

Trauma doesn't have to be the end of you.

You can have an unlimited bank of excuses or you can have unlimited success.


Did you know that a staggering 98% of people quit on their dreams?

Most of those who quit, do so because they haven't uncovered the road map that leads them to success.

They haven't mustered up the courage to follow the course and overcome the obstacles along the road.

They give in to self-sabotage such as procrastination, negative self-talk, and fearing what success will bring.

Inside Dream Big Do Bigger we share with you how you can kick fear to the curb, hold on to the driver's seat and keep yourself tuned in to the frequency of a positive can-do mental attitude.

This isn't yet another motivational Ra-Ra culture kind of book!

You will be equipped with the right mindset, tools, and knowledge to realize YOUR BIG DREAM to live THE BIG life according to your design - free of fears, traumas, and judgment from others.

If these women did it, YOU CAN TOO!

Dream Big Do Bigger


About the Author

Dr. Ola Abbas is a dual accredited Consultant in Critical care and Acute medicine working in the National Health Service in the UK.

She was born and raised in Iraq, forced to leave her home country after the turmoil of the war to eventually settle in England. Ola found herself having to re-establish her roots, and rebuild herself from the ground up.

Ola has ventured into entrepreneurship to enable her to help more people rise to their potential. She runs a successful travel business, coaching and mentoring over 100 professionals on how to create their wealth and well-being from travel.

She is on a mission to build a progressive, diverse and inclusive community that thrives on empowering peers to attract the Clarity, Confidence, Community & Cash they desire and deserve into their lives.

Dream Big Do Bigger


This book will help you achieve how to stay on track, remain humble, and be in gratitude at all times.

The chapters in this book have been articulated in truth. They speak of tragedy and triumph in life and business as they go hand in hand.

In life anything is possible, all you have to do is Dream Big and Do Bigger.

What is it like to work with Ola?

Ask yourself the following questions about your life

Do you have a defined life purpose?

What is your short-term and long-term life plan?

Are you feeling powerless and unable to take the reigns and call the shots in your life?

Are you able to consistently follow a life plan and see yourself grow and develop?

Does your mindset allow you to live without limits?

Are you able to experience life in reality as you dream about it?

If you don't have answers nailed down for these questions, then chances are you could use some help from this book.