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It is never too early to pitch yourself

Hi ,

On Friday night, I went to an underground supper club serving West African food, hosted by a friend here in Dubai. At a supper club, you enjoy a multi-course meal in the chef’s home, typically with a group of strangers.

This was easily my best dining experience, ever. It was unique, intimate, and the chef was phenomenal. Here’s a photograph of my plantain bread served with coconut candy ice cream (so good!!!).

Chatting to my friend afterward, she told me that she is thinking of pitching her supper club to journalists.

“I don’t know though, I think I am still too small,” she added.

My journalist brain immediately took over. “There is a story here,” I told her. “No journalist wants to write about the five-star restaurant everyone already knows about. Foodies want to learn about the hidden secrets of the city, the undiscovered flavors, and unique culinary experiences.”

 , do you have an undiscovered story, waiting to be unearthed (and pitched)?

It may not be about food. Instead, it could be about how your 100 rejections helped you develop an award-winning project. Or how living in your parent’s basement during the pandemic forced you to reckon with your childhood trauma and transition into the psychology space.

When we wait until we’re “big enough” to pitch ourselves, or assume that the publicity will magically find us once we have “earned it”, we fall into the destination trap. We rob ourselves of opportunities, collaborations, partnerships, and exposure because we decided that we’re not ready for it.

Here’s another alternative: Start pitching yourself now. Even if your website is defunct. Even if your branding is all over the place. Even if your new offer is not refined and the landing page isn’t up.

Just start.

You can get to the other things later.

And, if you need a little help getting started, here are five podcasts that recently accepted some of our clients as guests.

1. Girl You’re Hired
Email: [email protected]

Do you have career guidance expertise? If so, Lena is the person to pitch. Her podcast is all about nailing the job interview!

2. Cheaper Than Therapy
Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Are you a therapist with a particular interest in depth psychology? Vanessa and Dené are on a mission to demystify, de-stigmatize, and desensitize what goes on inside the therapy room, and they are open to guests who can help them achieve this mission.

3. Marketing Mistakes + How To Avoid Them
Email: [email protected]

Any marketing experts?! Stacy’s podcast is positioned for entrepreneurs, brand marketers and agencies to learn best practices from, and better ways to run their companies.

4. Data Driven
Email: [email protected]

Friends in the tech space, this is your time to shine! This podcast explores the emerging field of Data Science, with topics ranging from automating data engineering to pivoting from stand-up comedy into running a tech startup.

5. The Amy Edwards Show
Email: [email protected]

If you’re a personal development expert, then this is the show for you. Amy has wide-ranging conversations like healing your inner child, how to stop overspending, and money manifestation.

That is it for the opportunities. I am planning on making these podcast opportunities a weekly thing. Is this worth it? Tap “reply” because I’d LOVE to know your thoughts!

That’s it for today. Happy pitching, !

Hustling Writers

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