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September 7th, 2023

Ezekiel 47:12 Fruit Trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear fruit because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. 

Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.

Hello everyone,

Do not get wrapped up in the increasing fear mongering in the mainstream media. It does not matter which bioweapon they form against us, we already have the solutions.

Fear causes stress, and stress causes dis-ease. As I said in last week's ReAwaken America event in Las Vegas: It is infection by injection. Do not get another shot! 

Do not ask me about the shingles shot. It causes shingles!
Do not ask me about flu shots!
All shots are harmful and can be deadly. 

A contaminated vaccine supply is likely the way XMRV’s got into the population in the first place. And I write “likely” because that is what scientists do, but we know that was the route of infection. Stop injecting yourself. True immunization is oral - I will show you again all of the true immunizations strategies that work and that are available to you.

I want to share with you the full presentation today, that I intended to share in Las Vegas Aug 26th, in the last part of the ReAwaken America Conference. The city of Las Vegas was doing everything to shut us down, but we do not do censorship. Fulfilling my scholar’s obligation in this age of corruption: Presenting the data!

HIV is XMRV, the first gain of function retrovirus injected into humanity via vaccines and a contaminated blood supply thanks to these individuals.

What are the vaccine injuries, aka Vaccine AIDS?

Check the list below.

Vaccination is not Immunization, it's Extermination and Sterilization!

"Lyme" disease is HIV, is Neuro AIDS.

We have the patent for the PCR!!!!

We've had the cure for prostate cancer since 2009. We went through two phases of randomized clinical trials. Why hasn't the FDA approved it yet?

It is simple, breathe oxygen! No Masks: 

Read The Case Against Masks

If you need solutions, there are many designs available to let you breathe oxygen and stay healthy:

That's why is EMF, shedding, any synthetic MRNA protection inside and out. Woven products infused with 99.9% pure silver effective in inhibiting germs, odor-causing bacteria & pathogens, in addition to being EMF/RF shielding.

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"The Rise and Fall of XMRV." A study designed to fail; Lipkin took out participants with worms, borrelia, HIV, etc, to falsify the data! He lied by omission! Data fraud!

These are all Oral Immunization therapies available today! Oral Immunization for HIV, for Vaccine AIDS, for any viruses!

Why is Suramin kept from use in the USA? It is a one hundred year old essential medicine!

Purinergic Modulators! Ivermectin anyone?

Yes, Bryan Ardis was right about the snake venom! Why is my pen pointing to Syncitin in the Ventura County Star in 2014?

In California you get free insurance, no-copay, if you test positive for HIV and earn under 500% of the Federal Poverty Level:

Lyme Disease, Covid, you got HIV. Check out what your state offers.

Let's be clear:

This is the most important nutritional foundation, and considering the virus du jour on the horizon, add Nattokin Plus and liquid DMG

Add Paximune and stop viruses from replicating.

This is your proof of natural immunity! 

Download the affidavit, share it, use it!

Another scare tactic?

We cured Ebola with HCQ, saline, zinc and prayers. 

Don't get another vaccine, eat organic non-GMO food, and don't fall for the Zombie Agenda. 

Empower yourself to make conscious choices.

Look how far we've come since 2019! 

Join our Heroes of Faith for a triple feature of the Plandemic Series in Atlanta GA November 11, 2023. Click here for more info.

    Dr Judy with TRU47 founder, Sharon Whiteley, wearing woven products infused in 99.9% pure silver effective in inhibiting germs, odor-causing bacteria & pathogens, in addition to being EMF/RF shielding.


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    I'm Unvaccinated and That's Ok! A children's picture book with insightful resources to help your child feel okay about being an unvaccinated kid in today’s world while still respecting personal choice regarding vaccination.

    Building Wellness with DMG: How A Breakthrough Nutrient Gives Cancer, Autism & Cardiovascular Patients A Second Chance

    Cancer Free with Food: A Step-by-Step Plan with 100+ Recipes to Fight Disease, Nourish Your Body & Restore Your Health

    The Case Against Vaccine Mandates: Common Sense and Legal Precedence to Fight Against Vaccine Mandates Around the Country.

    Inoculated: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism

    Toxic Legacy: Glyphosate is Destroying our Health and the Environment

    The Truth About Masks: Exploring Theories Against Wearing Them


    ICAN: Know your rights

    FOR-US: Vaccine exemptions

    THE HIGHWIRE: Latest News

    IPAK: Research Studies

    PERK: Educational Rights

    PIC: Find a Doctor

    SAM SORBO: Homeschool Info

    DR. TENPENNY: Podcast


    CHD: Vaccine Information

    SPELLERS: Non and Minimal Speakers

    VAERS: Report a Vaccine Injury

    Best of health and God bless,
    Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, PhD



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    Or have a glass of Pro Lean Greens at breakfast and a glass of Cardio Miracle before lunch.

    Add DMG daily.

    Stops RNA virus transmission.


    Formulation matters. That’s why Nattokin Plus is the solution you want to take advantage of adequate synergies.




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    Triple Feature with Filmmaker Mikki Willis, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Krishna Doniparthi and special guest Polly Tommey.



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