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August 27, 2023

Ezekiel 47:12 Fruit Trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear fruit because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. 

Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.

Hello everyone,

Have you heard? They want to bring back the masks. How about NO? Read my book about the dangers of wearing a mask, The Case Against Masks and read the last chapter of the book “Final Thoughts” below. Then watch The Highwire from last Thursday and join “Team Non Compliance”.

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! I and many others are here to show you that you are not alone in the struggle to raise healthy, fearless children. To continue on the subject of back to school from last week, remember, you are in control of your child’s health and there is no reason to panic when sending your child back to school. You are in control of what they eat and what goes into their bodies, not the day cares, not the schools, and certainly not the government. There are many ways to support your children’s immune systems and I am showing you how to do that.


    1. Create a routine. Adjusting bedtimes and meal times to work your way back to an early wake up time. It can take up to a week to get everyone back on track. Limiting screen time will also be of great benefit to speed up the process. Pick wholesome, organic snacks and fuel your kids with a protein-packed morning smoothie like a Nutritional Frontier Super Shake Chocolate and add a scoop of Pro Lean Greens Chocolate for added nutrients.

     2. Give your kids a boost in gut and brain health. Poor gut health is one of the main reasons kids experience attention issues, brain function, anxiety and depression. Read labels: Cut out sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and foods with dyes is a simple yet crucial step.

    3. Hydration, hydration, hydration! Fill your kids’ water bottles with clean, filtered water and send them off to school with a dash of Celtic Sea Salt to add electrolytes. Bonus: Get Liquid DMG and add a dose to the drink - it is tasteless so even in plain water it will not alter the taste. Healthy mom tip: Add a scoop of Pro Oranges to the bottle - it provides flavor and unbeknownst to your child a hefty dose of nutrients to keep them going strong all day long. Win, win!

    4. Healthy family meals. Ideally, your kids love eating a wide variety of foods but we also know that kids can be very picky. Here are some quick tips for adding protein powders, supplements and liquids to delicious family favorites such as muffins, treats, breakfast staples and smoothies using Nutritional Frontiers Recipe Guide.

    Purchase all Nutritional Frontiers products conveniently in my store!


    With these tips in mind, here are more solutions from the Dr Judy Get Healthy Store and affiliates to help you build a strong nutritional foundation with tasty supplements; provide protection for you children from EMF's, toxins, pathogens, the sun; and uncensored books from trusted authors to back it all up.


    Chocolate, Orange, Berry Blast or Apple Cinnamon Pro Lean Greens to make an easy-to-mix smoothie for an on-the-go breakfast.

    Kids Nordic Flora Probiotic Pixies is a fun and tasty way to get the probiotics children need for optimal wellness.

    Cardio Miracle is a blend of over 50 ingredients, including organic beets, carrots, coconut water, pineapple, and raspberries to make a delicious healthy drink for their heart.

    Active B-12 Folate Chewable Wafers for proper cell division, nervous system function, cardiovascular and emotional health.

    Cherry Chews Wafers has 500 milligrams of Vitamin C in a great tasting cherry flavored chewable wafer.

    Dr Judy with TRU47 founder, Sharon Whiteley, wearing woven products infused in 99.9% pure silver effective in inhibiting germs, odor-causing bacteria & pathogens, in addition to being EMF/RF shielding.


    TRU47 Silver Infused Apparel/Accessories

    EMF iCell Chip (For iPhones 12,13, 14)

    EMF Laptop Chip

    EMF Bands: Purple/Black/Tie Die/Blue Camo

    As a supporter of my work you can get 20% off TRU47 using the code DrJudy20.

    Another little perk for being an avid reader of my newsletter: You will get the inside scoop early. There will be a Bi-Annual Sale coming next week on select items up to 70% off. Bookmark the Tru47 website and mark your calendars!


    Face Sunscreen Lotion and an easy-to-apply Sunscreen Stick with SPF 30 protection.

    Kids Wash and Shampoo citrus scented for a safe and natural clean.

    Kids Toothpaste in vanilla and sweet orange flavors they'll want to brush their teeth with.

    Monster Spray in lavender and chamomile for a calm, relaxed sleep.


    I'm Unvaccinated and That's Ok! A children's picture book with insightful resources to help your child feel okay about being an unvaccinated kid in today’s world while still respecting personal choice regarding vaccination.

    Building Wellness with DMG: How A Breakthrough Nutrient Gives Cancer, Autism & Cardiovascular Patients A Second Chance

    Cancer Free with Food: A Step-by-Step Plan with 100+ Recipes to Fight Disease, Nourish Your Body & Restore Your Health

    The Case Against Vaccine Mandates: Common Sense and Legal Precedence to Fight Against Vaccine Mandates Around the Country.

    Inoculated: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism

    Toxic Legacy: Glyphosate is Destroying our Health and the Environment

    The Truth About Masks: Exploring Theories Against Wearing Them


    ICAN: Know your rights

    FOR-US: Vaccine exemptions

    THE HIGHWIRE: Latest News

    IPAK: Research Studies

    PERK: Educational Rights

    PIC: Find a Doctor

    SAM SORBO: Homeschool Info

    DR. TENPENNY: Podcast


    CHD: Vaccine Information

    SPELLERS: Non and Minimal Speakers

    VAERS: Report a Vaccine Injury

    Best of health and God bless,
    Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, PhD


    Pure Haven has a new line of makeup for eyes, lashes, eyebrows, lips and skin tone. Save time and space with their all-in-one multi-stick blush, bronzers and highlighters for cheeks, eyelids & lips. All 100% free of toxins!

    Pure Haven has a limited-time offer of pure sunshine firming body oil with tropical coconut and vanilla scents available until August 31.



    Sign up to stay informed about fall enrollment at the Academy of Abiding Wellness, with programs for practitioners and lay people. Let's take our health back!

    Dr. Judy's Daily Nutritional Protocol

    Mix one scoop of Pro Lean Greens with one scoop of Cardio Miracle for breakfast daily.

    Or have a glass of Pro Lean Greens at breakfast and a glass of Cardio Miracle before lunch.

    …and take one DMG capsule daily.

    Stops RNA virus transmission.



    THE HIGHWIRE, 8/17

    After years of attacks, the FDA has admitted in court that doctors have the right to prescribe Ivermectin. We take a deep look at one of the largest smear campaigns in modern history against a promising therapy.

    THE HIGHWIRE, 8/24

    Mass media is calling for the reinstitution of COVID restrictions due to new variants, with no conversation about the efficacy or the harm they’ve caused. Jefferey Jaxen connects all the dots, which appears to be pointing to a Pandemic 2.0.


    The Great Awakening: Defeating the Globalists and Launching the Next Great Renaissance is the most controversial and eye-opening book of this year by Alex Jones and Kent Heckenlively. Pre-order your copy from Amazon today.

    AUTISMONE, 8/31 - 9/3

    AutismOne provides EDUCATION to help children, parents, families, and practitioners of all ages. The AutismOne Conference has been the largest and most comprehensive annual autism conference since 2003. 


    I look forward to joining Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C. in Dallas, Sep 8-9 for the natural health & healing conference: Healing for the A.G.E.S, also with Drs. Ed Group, Henry Ealy, and Jana Schmidt. If you can't join in person, use promocode DRJUDY for $10 off the Virtual VIP registration.


    A Health and Wellness Expo/ Conference for a better future: Health, Science, Technology & Consciousness.

    Moderator of the Health Panels: Robert Scott Bell


    Learn the newest science, protocols, and inspiration to raise a healthy free family! Connect with experts, meet up with friends old and new, & discover cutting-edge products in our expo area. Get motivated and discover the right steps to maximize the health of you and your family.

    Special Guests Actor Kevin Sorbo and Robert F. Kennedy Jr, 2024 Presidential Candidate, will receive the "Global Freedom Impact Award."

    Limited Seating - Reserve in Advance!


    Over a billion people have watched the 3rd installment of the Plandemic Series: The Great Awakening! Watch it now if you haven't yet!


    Find all my social media profiles, streaming channels, websites, podcasts, classes and products all on one clean page.

    Please share this link with your circles as an official Dr Judy platform.


    Freedom Law School

    Micronic Silver - Organic Health Care

    Micronic Silver is a whole new classification of silver for all natural, organic health care, such as Oleazone Ointment to combat Spike Proteins. I use Oleazone Ointment (Salve) to protect myself from shedding. It works with your immune system to kill pathogens.

    Pure Haven - The Purest Ingredients

    HMB - Hemp Mind & Body Difference

    ROOT - Cure the Cause

    ASEA REDOX - Vitality & Wellness

    ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement

    ASEA REDOX* enhances the ability of every cell in your body to function at a higher level, which can have a positive impact on every system from the day you begin using it. It is scientifically shown to signal the activation of genes that:

    • Maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity
    • Improve immune system health
    • Maintain a healthy inflammatory response
    • Improve gut health and enzyme production
    • Modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness

    *Hint: use the top right arrows to scroll through the product information pages.


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