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Good afternoon | مساء الخير

After arriving home from an amazing few days in Spain on Tuesday, I then flew out to Dubai on Wednesday. This time it was different. This time I have taken my family with me. I am so thankful to be having a few days holiday and rest with them before I start working with schools on Monday.

As part of our adventures, yesterday we met up with Tom Sale and his family. They took us out to the Dubai desert for the evening to watch the sunset and toast marshmallows on the campfire. Tom is doing some great things with AI at his school Kent College Dubai.  

This week I am excited to be working with hundreds of educators across Dubai and Qatar, organised by Infinite Learning

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Dan Fitzpatrick - The AI Educator

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AI for teachers by teachers

On November 6th, a significant shift occurred in the world - OpenAI announced customisable GPT chatbots. 

Think of them as ChatGPT, but with the unique capability to be tailored to fit any purpose you envision – within reasonable limits, of course. 

This marks a turning point for educators. It signifies a move from a time when creating digital applications required a vast array of technical skills – skills often outside our expertise – to a new era where creating AI tools is as simple as using natural language.

This development is revolutionary. 

Previously, the high barrier to entry in the tech sphere meant that many of us were sidelined from creating digital solutions that catered specifically to the unique challenges of our classrooms. 

With these new GPT models, that barrier has been lowered dramatically. Even if you possess minimal technical skills, you can leverage your deep understanding of teaching methodologies and classroom dynamics to develop custom AI solutions.

This is a moment that excites me greatly.

There's no one more suited to designing solutions for the educational sector than you, the educators. You're familiar with the intricacies, the struggles, and the realities of teaching. 

This technology empowers you to lead the charge in educational innovation, creating tools that are genuinely effective and tailored to your needs.

As we embark on this exciting journey, remember: the control is in your hands. 

Don't be constrained by the limited perspectives of self-proclaimed AI experts on social media, who often try to box educators into their narrow understanding of technology in education. 

With the advent of these customisable GPTs, you're free to chart your own path in integrating technology into teaching.

Consider this a rallying cry to embrace this opportunity. 

As educators, you now have the chance to become the architects of a reimagined educational landscape, harnessing AI to meet your and your students' specific needs. 

Ignore the noise from those claiming to have the 'best' platforms or methods – those who think they have the answers. Trust in your expertise and forge your own path of innovation and discovery.

Next week, I'll share insights on how I create GPTs. My goal is to empower you, instilling the confidence to begin crafting your own AI tools, and pioneering new frontiers in education.

What do you say?

I am rubbish at sharing the feedback I get, so allow me to share some recent quotes from people I've worked with that I'm proud of.

"Dan's presentations and workshops exceeded our expectations. His knowledge on the topic of AI in education is revolutionary. His stage presence and personality is also amazing. He was engaging, fun, interesting, all while presenting extremely detailed and useful information to the guests."
Dawn Mazurkiewicz, Amsterdam International Community School

"A highly engaging session that had our staff hooked from start to finish. Highly recommended."
Dean Price Dudley College of Technology

"I am incredibly grateful for the time and generosity of Dan - after a short, sharp session I feel incredibly inspired, motivated and able to explore the potential of AI."
Bryony Evett Hackfort, Coleg Sir Gar

"Dan's AI keynote was thought-provoking, particularly his reference to the 'great digital divide'. AI was totally new for me and it made me realise how imperative it is that my school starts to move in this direction. His excellent delivery and interesting subject matter opened my eyes to this next step and I took away very useful tools and reflections."
Alan Downie, Latin America Heads Conference

"Dan Fitzpatrick's wisdom, charm and welcoming approach made this training digest-able even for the most hesitant among our faculty."
Linda Rowland, Florida Gulf Coast University

"Dan is the rockstar of AI. His knowledge is excellent and the strategies and approaches he gives provide security for teachers to try and apply."
Sam Challenor, Ravenscourt Park Prep

Get access to new GPT tools now

Here's how you can access the all new GPTs section at

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    The 'go to' for educational strategy

    You’re going to love the new book. 

    In the same way that the bestselling 'The AI Classroom' empowered teachers, this new book will empower leaders to create the future in the AI era. 

    It will be the ‘go to’ book on strategy for the future of education in an uncertain future of AI development.

    I’m already using the principles to help edu leaders in the USA, Germany, UK and the UAE.

    Coming in 2024!

      New GPTs at

      This week we started accepting GPT submissions at

      Here's our new featured GPTs made by teachers for teachers:

        Come join me

        BETT 2024 (London)

        After giving one of the most popular talks at BETT 2023, I'm delighted to be keynoting at BETT 2024.

        I will be on the same keynoting line-up at one of my heroes, the filmmaker Louis Theroux.

        This will be in the Excel Arena on Friday 26th January in London.

        FETC 2024 (Flordia)

        I can't wait to keynote at the Future of Education Technology Conference.

        Following in the footsteps of giants such as Daniel Pink and Sal Khan, I'm honoured to be gracing this stage.

        This will be at the Orange County Conference Centre on Thursday 25th January in Orlando Florida.

        AI Summit 2023 (Michigan)

        If you are in Michigan USA, then this event is not one to miss.

        My opening keynote will focus on what if AI gets 10x better. 

        The line up is not fully public yet, but you will be impressed when it is. 

        This conference will take place at the Kellogs Convention Centre in Lansing.

        iSams 2024 (Online)

        I can't wait to head back to Dubai this week.

        In partnership with Infinite Learning we are providing some open face-to-face events. 

        These will take place on 21, 23 and 24 November. 

        They will focus on practical use of AI in education & policy. 

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