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Chatting with historical and literary characters

You have a choice..

Tell them about a person


let them chat with that person.

No brainer! Right?

I'm giving you the AI prompt framework to make it happen + 12 brilliant examples.

Engaging with literary and historical characters through platforms like ChatGPT offers a transformative experience for students that goes beyond traditional classroom teaching. 

Instead of passively receiving information, students have the opportunity to actively converse with these characters, asking them questions, delving into their thoughts, and exploring the nuances of their lives and times. 

This interactive method creates a more immersive learning environment, where the characters from literature and history come alive, allowing students to step into their shoes and see the world through their eyes. 

The tangible connection students forge with these characters fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the texts and historical events they represent.

In contrast, when a teacher merely narrates historical events or literary plots, students often receive the information in a linear and predetermined manner. 

While teachers play an invaluable role in guiding students and offering expert interpretations, there's a distinct difference between hearing about a character's experiences and directly interacting with them. 

Through ChatGPT, students have the autonomy to direct the flow of conversation, to challenge, inquire, and seek clarifications. 

This personalised learning journey, tailored to each student's curiosity, not only enhances retention but also cultivates critical thinking and empathy. 

It's the difference between observing history and literature from the outside and experiencing it from the inside.

Don't forget that ChatGPT can only be used by students who are 13 years old and over. Students who are under 18 years old must have permission from their parents. 

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Cheating with AI?

It was an absolute pleasure to team up with the legend that is Matt Miller (Ditch that Textbook) for this special live webinar about overcoming new challenges presented by AI in education. 

Here's what some participants thought:

​"So much to share with the teachers here at my school!" -Charity Helman

​"WHAT AN Amazing pair of collaborators!!" -Virginia Fischer

"This would be a GREAT monthly podcast!" -Shawn Thomas

Here are the resources we shared -- and even a few more:

10 ways to design dynamic assessments for authentic learning - Dan’s guide to transforming assessments in the AI Era.

The Prompt Engineering Poster - Learn how to get specific with tools like ChatGPT - the quality of the input dictates the quality of the output.

40 proven AI prompts for teachers - Explore these 40 proven AI prompts for teachers from The AI Classroom book for free.

AI Educator Tools Repository - Say goodbye to AI FOMO and explore this tools repository for teachers.

The AI Classroom Facebook Group (31K+ members) - Teachers helping teachers!

The “AI cheating” spectrum -- Matt’s graphic (and accompanying blog post) showing a variety of ways to blend AI assistance and human intellect in the classroom.

The Frankenbot activity -- A writing activity for struggling (emerging?) writers. Generate several essay drafts with AI and students pick the best parts to create their own essay.

All of Matt’s AI posts -- Check out posts about a variety of AI-related topics that are applicable for the classroom. (Don’t forget to click to the second page at the bottom!)

Come join me in January

BETT 2024

After giving one of the most popular talks at BETT 2023, I'm delighted to be keynoting at BETT 2024.

I will be on the same keynoting line-up at one of my heroes, the filmmaker Louis Theroux.

This will be in the Excel Arena on Friday 26th January in London.

FETC 2023

I can't wait to keynote at the Future of Education Technology Conference.

Following in the footsteps of giants such as Daniel Pink and Sal Khan, I'm honoured to be gracing this stage.

This will be at the Orange County Conference Centre on Thursday 25th January in Orlando Florida.

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