Whole class feedback with only one AI prompt

I love to provoke an audience when I'm keynoting on AI in education. 

I lure them down a comfortable path with examples of how AI can save them time and then...


It always evokes strong reactions and serves as a springboard for a deeper discussion on the breadth of the role of AI in our classrooms. 

The Divided Room

My demonstrations typically provoke two distinct reactions among educators.

One group is thrilled about the efficiency and accuracy GPT-4 brings to marking student work, while the other group starts questioning what this means for feedback and the teacher-student relationship. 

The key concern is how such technology could impact the learning experience and emotional journey between students and teachers. 

This division sets the stage for a crucial conversation about the role of AI in our educational systems.

The Two Sides of Feedback

Feedback is a multifaceted tool in education. 

On one hand, it provides students with academic progress statistics and pointers for next steps. On the other, it emotionally engages students by showing that their teacher is invested in their learning journey. 

Striking a balance between these aspects is crucial for educators.

The Whole-Class Feedback Prompt

A concept I love to share is the Whole Class Feedback Giant Prompt, which aims to save time while retaining the human touch in student evaluations. 

This prompt is essentially a structured template that can be used alongside AI like ChatGPT to analyse a class set of student answers. 

Teachers can use the AI's analysis to inform their next lesson, helping them decide whether to reteach concepts, advance to new topics, or delve deeper with individual students.

Downloadable Template

I offer you a downloadable Google Doc version of this giant prompt for free. 

Teachers can edit specific sections to match their subject area, question, rubric, and student answers.

It’s important to consider how we can collaborate with AI rather than see it as a replacement. 

In my experience, using technologies like ChatGPT to assist in marking not only saves time but it can also help to maintain the emotional connection and effective feedback loop between teachers and students.

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