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What's in this week's edition?

  1. The Leader's Blindspot: How to Prepare for the Real Future (Article)
  2. Generating Immersive Learning Experiences with AI (Video)
  3. Magic Everywhere: Canva's AI BONANZA! (Video)
  4. I want you to have my toolbox for free! (Lots of resources!)
  5. Cheating with AI? (Joint webinar with Matt Miller)
  6. Upcoming this week

Every week I think to myself: "I have a lot of content, maybe I should keep some of it for future newsletters". Then, I get excited to include it all in that edition. So here we go again. 

I hope you love it as much as I love writing and preparing it. 

👓 The Leader's Blindspot: How to Prepare for the Real Future

The Commonly Held Belief: AI Will Automate Only Boring, Repetitive Tasks First

“AI will take over the repetitive, monotonous tasks first, leaving higher-order thinking and creativity to humans.”

For educational leaders navigating the labyrinth of artificial intelligence updates, this comforting mantra often surfaces.

This belief has been perpetuated by thought leaders, academic journals, and perhaps even a dash of wishful thinking. After all, it aligns with our educational values: that humans excel in creative, complex problem-solving.

But what if this comforting thought is not just wrong but dangerously misleading?

The Real Consequences: Complacency and Misdirection

Example #1: Strategic Decision-making

AI-powered predictive analytics will get a lot better at anticipating student performance, faculty needs, and even administrative costs. It will make crucial budgetary or resource allocation decisions. What was once a leader-led task of connecting dots and making educated guesses will be aided or even executed by AI.

Example #2: Educational Innovations

AI will get very good at sifting through global educational trends, research papers, and even social media sentiment to recommend the most effective teaching methodologies or technological innovations. This will take a lot of the creative responsibility off the shoulders of curriculum planners and educational leaders.

Example #4: Staff Recruitment and Development

AI will get much better at analysing a wide array of parameters from academic qualifications to personality traits in order to recommend the best candidates for teaching positions or administrative roles.

It doesn’t stop there. AI will be able to assess the impact a teacher has on student outcomes over time, suggesting targeted professional development. What was a complex, intuitive process of hiring and mentorship now can be data-driven and automated, challenging the role of human leadership in these areas.

The Core Flaw: Misunderstanding the Depth of AI's Reach

The belief that AI will only take over repetitive tasks undermines the transformative potential and risks of AI in education.

By acknowledging the AI take-over as comprehensive rather than selective, educational leaders can take proactive steps to synergise with AI, instead of being sidelined by it.

Pioneering the New Educational Landscape: A Guide for Leaders

Your first actionable step:

Immerse yourself in AI research from the people who work with it. Not just AI in education but also general AI.

Educational organisations are being very cautious. Listen to what the AI professionals are saying.

Here’s a few recent accessible pieces:

Once you understand the real reach of AI, you'll be better equipped to develop policies and educational curricula that incorporate AI as a collaborative tool rather than a mere automated taskmaster.

Imagine facilitating a teaching environment where AI handles both data-heavy analytical tasks and supports creative educational methodologies.

The Days of Task-Based Views on AI Are Numbered

The winds of change are sweeping across the educational landscape:

1. Multifaceted AI: AI technologies are not one-trick ponies; they are evolving into complex systems that can handle a variety of tasks.

2. Rising Expectations: As technology becomes integral to our lives, the expectations for personalised, efficient education are soaring.

3. Skill Transformation: Future job markets will demand a different skill set, one that is symbiotic with AI capabilities.

Charting the Course: The Future of AI in Education

Believing that AI will only replace repetitive tasks is not merely an oversight; it's a derailment from the transformative course education must take.

By shedding this illusion, educational leaders can guide their institutions into a symbiotic relationship with AI.

The result?

A groundbreaking educational experience that prepares students for the real world they'll inherit, not the one we're leaving behind.

It's not just about keeping up with the changes; it's about leading the way.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to author this unprecedented chapter in educational history.

Be the visionary who saw the future and acted, not the spectator who watched it unfold.

🥽 Generating Immersive Learning Experiences with AI

I loved being on this free webinar this week. 

The webinar hosted by ThingLink in collaboration with Blockade Labs spotlighted the Skybox AI technology, showcasing how it can redefine immersive learning through text-to-360-image generation.

Marguerite deCourcelle from Blockade Labs joined the discussion. 

The session was a boon for educators and creators, offering insights on gamifying curriculum, simplifying tech integration, and exploring AI's role in education. 

Attendees were also shown how to create interactive learning materials and enhance student engagement through user-friendly technology​

Anyone familiar with my 'To Kill a Mockingbird' immersive learning experience will be familiar with Thinglink and Skybox by Blockade Labs. Well now you can use Skybox within Thinglink 🤯

🪄 Magic Everywhere: Canva's AI BONANZA!

This week Canva unveiled Magic Studio. 

Cava is loved by educators around the tool for its easy to use design and content creation tools.

Well, that just got easier!

Magic Studio builds on it's existing AI tools, bringing an extended suite of AI-powered tools integrated within its platform. 

Magic Studio aims to streamline the design process, offering features like Magic Write for text generation, Magic Design for rapid content creation, and Magic Media for image and video generation.

It also emphasizes data safety and admin control over AI tool access. 

This new offering positions Canva as a one-stop solution, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms for various design tasks

As Canva launched Magic Studio I went live on YouTube to explore the new features. You can watch this now 👇

🧰 I want you to have my toolbox for free!

I have built this interactive card using Thinglink to give you some of the best resources I have created (and a few extra). 

Simply click the image to get:

- The AI Classroom book

- The AI Educator AI School Policy Template

- 7 realistic first steps for schools integrating AI

- 10 ways to design dynamic assessments for authentic learning

- How to create animated character videos in 10 minutes

- How to create immersive learning experiences to transform your next unit of work

- How to use Midjourney like a professional

- How to use Midjourney to create images of yourself

- How to revolutionise your use of Canva with AI

- The Prompt Engineering Poster

- 40 proven AI prompts for teachers

- My AI Documentary on the U.S. Dept for Education Guidance Document on AI

- A practical guide to setting to direction of your school on Box 3

- Handling text generating AI systems: A guide for action

- AI Educator Tools Repository

- The AI Classroom Facebook Community

🤖 Cheating with AI?

It's with great pleasure that I can announce an exclusive webinar co-presented by myself and Matt Miller.

This is the first collaboration between 'Ditch that Textbook' and 'The AI Educator', aimed at bringing you an interactive webinar on facilitating students' use of AI for school.


We both work in a lot of schools around the world and we have noticed that most questions are focussed on this area. A lot of teachers and leaders are unsure on their message to students and the policies they should write. 


This will be a thought-provoking and interactive webinar called "Cheating with AI?", we'll delve into the ethical implications of using artificial intelligence in educational settings. Is it cheating, or merely a sign of the times? Discover innovative ways to redesign assignments, while also fostering critical skills necessary for the AI Era.


Wednesday 25th October 2023. 18:00 GMT+1 / 13:00 EST / 10:00 PST

Don't miss this opportunity to explore these timely issues and engage in the conversation. Register now to secure your spot and submit your questions for an engaging dialogue! 👇

This week I'm excited to be delivering professional development for: 

🇦🇪 Dubai English Speaking College, UAE
🇺🇸 Florida Gulf Coast University, USA
🇬🇧 Havant/South Downs College, England

I will also be at the BESA Winter Insights Day & AGM on Thursday joining Sir Anthony Seldon on stage for a discussion about AI and ethics. 

I will be speaking at the Angel Chaos to Clarity conference on Wednesday, 11:00 - 14:30 BST. Click here to register.

I am also delighted be speaking at The Primary Leaders conference on Friday in Yorkshire, UK.  Use the code AIEDU to benefit from a £45 discount. Click here to register.

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