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Turn Any Idea Into Video With One AI Tool

Imagine having a co-pilot to create videos - that's invideo AI.

Transform your ideas into stunning visuals, instantly. Instruct the AI with text commands and get a ready-to-use video, including script, stock media, voiceover, and captions.

Make edits and adjustments with simple text prompts. Creation just got 100x easier for content creators, YouTubers, and marketers.

I forgot my presentation BUT AI saved me 👇

While pre-recording my keynote for The Surpass Assessment Virtual Conference this week I decided to have a bit of fun for the introduction. 

It features ChatGPT, ChatGPT Voice, Gamma AI and Midjourney, for creating a presentation.

💬 How ChatGPT's new Voice feature unlocks the future of student use of AI

ChatGPT just released voice conversations for the app!

Here is me demonstrating how powerful this could be for students.

Included are examples for:

- History
- Spanish
- Science
- Business Studies

🥽 Meta just showed up to the party BUT is it useful for education?

This week Meta (formerly Facebook) announced some new AI tools.

I think they could have some exciting education applications.

Schools, colleges, and educational institutions could gain from integrating some of these cutting-edge technologies. 

Below, I examine how specific announcements could help revolutionise the educational landscape.

Social Profiles and AI Characters in Education

Meta announced a series of social profiles or AI characters that can be engaged in conversation. 

Could these serve as interactive teaching assistants or even guest lecturers? 

Imagine a chatbot modeled after Albert Einstein assisting in physics lessons or an AI character based on Jane Austen providing insights during an English literature class. 

These characters can provide a more interactive, engaging educational experience by breaking down complex subjects into relatable conversations. 

Role-playing exercises could allow students to interact with AI versions of historical figures or characters from literature, thereby making the learning experience more immersive.

AI Studio for Business and Its Educational Potential

Meta also announced an AI Studio. 

A development toolkit for creating custom chatbots, could be a game-changer for training a suite of 'voices' for the marketing department, learning assistant etc. 

This can help to free up staff for more complex, nuanced tasks that require human intervention.

Furthermore, the platform could be used to develop AI tutors for subjects where schools might have limited expertise. 

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses for Interactive Learning

We are one step further to having visual and audio AI assistants.

Meta's new smart glasses, created in partnership with Ray-Ban, offer hands-free, interactive experiences. 

Imagine a history class field trip where students can get real-time information about a historical monument they're visiting, right through their smart glasses. 

Or consider science lab experiments where students receive step-by-step, hands-free instructions through their glasses, thereby improving both safety and educational outcomes.

While Meta's announcements were not explicitly targeted at the educational sector, the technologies they are developing could have profound impacts on how education is delivered and experienced

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Up to £500k for AI CPD 📣

I am very excited to announce that I have formed a partnership with Primary Goal and MATA to offer fully funded AI CPD for MATs, LEA Schools & FE Colleges in England.

I am so passionate about bringing AI awareness and training to state funded schools and this partnership will make that happen. 

The funding is only available for schools and colleges in England, but I am open to partnerships in other countries to deliver a similar offer.

This week I'm excited to be delivering professional development for: 

👉 Nord Anglia, UAE
👉 The Gateway Alliance, UK
👉 Truro High School, UK

Also, join me on Wednesday at 5pm (UK time) for a HUGE Thinklink webinar to Discover Impactful Ways to Create Immersive Learning with ThingLink + Skybox!

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