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All I can say is...

I hope it's not as hot where you are as it is where I am! If it is, I hope that whatever you're listening to adds to the steam only in a good way! 😊

If you need suggestions, read on!

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Author Amy Knupp

What gave you the idea to add writing books to your busy life and career? +

I always hoped to write books “someday.” Years ago, I had two kids under two, the younger one nursed every hour and refused to take a bottle ever, and I felt like my life couldn’t be more chaotic. And then a friend challenged me to write a book. So I did. Except it took two years and was terrible. But I don’t give up easily, so I kept at it and eventually sold my second book to Harlequin, back before indie publishing existed.

What are your writing rituals? +

I use a brand-new pretty notebook for each book. I fill it with notes for the story, though I don’t consider myself a plotter, exactly. On a daily basis, when it’s time to write words, I start by seven a.m. I write first each day, otherwise the world and life and running an author business take over my brain, and my creativity gets shoved to the side. Each day when I sit down to write, I stock up on water and vanilla spice tea and light a candle.

What made you want to publish your books in audio? +

I had a copyediting business for twelve years (I closed it earlier this year). I had a hard time reading for fun at night because I’d been reading for work all day. (Don’t get me wrong—it was an awesome job!) I eventually discovered the joy of having narrators read my books to me, and now I devour 95% of my books in audio. I wanted to publish my own books in audio because I’m a huge fan of the format.

What do you love to do on your days off? +

Hiking! There's not a lot of great options where I live in Mississippi, but we're right next door to Alabama, which has some phenomenal trails. I love getting out with my girlfriends and shedding technology for the day.

What or who inspires you as an artist? +

Lucy Score, Melanie Harlow, Ali Hazelwood, Sara L. Hudson, Maria Luis, Claire Kingsley, and so many others.

Don't miss Amy's new release narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Kelsey Navarro-Foster, Unraveled, the first book in her new Henry Brothers series, or the huge series sale on her North Brothers series.

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