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is with one of my favorite authors, so let's get right to it. Right after we share:

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This week's interview: 

Author Kait Nolan

What are your writing rituals? +

I am a rabid plotter, so I have my roadmap to check every day when I get ready to write. My process is to take those couple of scenes and my phone and go dictate a sketch of what that looks like, talking my way through all the action and blocking and dialogue, because I think better when I'm moving. Then I export the transcript, which has to be translated because NO dictation software speaks Southern, and then convert that into the actual prose.

How long do you usually sit and write? +

I actually don't sit still too well, so I tend to work in 45-60 minute chunks before getting up and going to refill water or make a fresh warm beverage. And I've just recently set up a treadmill desk, which has gone well so far. There has been no face planting and many, many more steps!

What made you want to publish your books in audio? +

We in the South appreciate oral storytelling tradition. Audiobooks are the epitome of that. I love being read to by someone who's actually gifted at it. Add to that, 95% of my own reading is in audio, so I'm aware it's a voracious market.

What do you love to do on your days off? +

Hiking! There's not a lot of great options where I live in Mississippi, but we're right next door to Alabama, which has some phenomenal trails. I love getting out with my girlfriends and shedding technology for the day.

What's the oddest object in your office or writing spot? +

I have a dumpster fire sitting on my desk. Dumpy. He was my pandemic mascot.

Random Fact: +

I went to Australia for the first time this year for RARE Melbourne. While I was in Tasmania, I got to cuddle a baby wombat named Madge!

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