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This week's interview: Narrator Charlie Albers

What gave you the idea to add narrating books to your busy life and career? +

I started in voice acting first for the BBC, and then added clients like Disney, Dreamworks, Lionsgate, Universal, Dior and more to my roster. My work consisted of video games, animation and commercials and someone mentioned I would be amazing at audiobooks. SO I researched and trained and started to network with groups such as the Global Actor Group with Elise Arsenault and really took the leap into audiobooks.

What's your pre-recording ritual? +

I take the script and read it as I would any other book, laughing and crying and immersing myself, in the bath, on the beach, in cafes... THEN I go back and mark it up with my narrator brain, different colors for different characters, notes in the side for ups and downs and where to add breaths or change flow ... Once I have cast my characters, chosen my accents and dialects and am happy with my prep, I pour a big glass of hydration solution, a cup of chamomile tea, grab a bag of cheese strings (yes really) and Bare apples and I walk into my studio, turn down the lights, and begin. I have images of characters pinned in front of me together with any dialects notes (I say pinned ... they are on my monitor screen...)

How long are your recording days? How do you keep yourself present/fresh/awake...? +

I can record LONG hours if I am at home alone and all is quiet on the western front... no kids, no dogs etc etc... Otherwise, I record in spurts of chapters, from 10am - 3pm. After each chapter I stretch get air, glass of water and check on my pups or do a quick dance break to shake it out. I begin my day with a dog walking block workout, yoga, mindfulness begin and end to my day. I practice meditation daily and I work with vocal coaches and dialect coaches to keep on top of my game.

What do you love to do on your days off? +

I write mindful meditations for clients - sounds like work but it is fun ... and I like to get outside. I love being with my kids, walking my crazy doggies and as I live near the beach and I love to be on the water I love boating ... bliss.

Random Fact: +

I trained with the Royal Academy of Dance in ballet and can still do the splits!

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