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This week's interview: Author        Leah Busboom

What gave you the idea to add writing books to your busy life and career? +

In 2017 I quit a very stressful corporate job and said, "why don't I write a book?" After putting down 20,000 words, I decided to Google how many words constituted a full length novel. Oops! I thought I was done writing, yet I had only just begun. Now, 40 books later, I look back with amusement at my naïve beginning, but I stuck with it and have learned so much on my author journey.

What are your writing rituals? +

I am still working full-time, so every morning I get up at 6AM and write for a couple hours. I also write on weekends. I try to write every day, no exceptions.

How long do you usually sit and write? How do you keep yourself present/fresh/awake...? +

I write for 2 hour stints. I have to admit that during that time I sometimes peek at email, just as a little 1-2 minute break. That helps keep me fresh. I also go ride my bike when I get to a tricky part of the story that I need to think about. Usually I come up with a solution during that bike ride.

What made you want to publish your books in audio? +

When a reader from England wrote the music to the song that my lead character sings in the book Forever You, I decided that an audiobook would be a perfect venue for helping that song come to life!

What do you love to do on your days off? +

Ride my bike. Tend to my flowers. Read.

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