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Summer is for ____________

Whether you fill that blank with hikes, swims, travel, or just lazing inside, we've got audiobook recommendations to fill your ears!

This week's SuperFan News includes:

  • a narrator interview
  • a giveaway
  • a t-shirt sale
  • audiobook sales and new releases
  • our new affiliate program

This week's sales:

Get it at Chirp



Get it at Chirp



This week's new releases:

This week's interview: Narrator Meghan Kelly

What gave you the idea to add narrating audiobooks to your busy life and career? +

After working on the other side of the business as a Talent Agent and Casting Director and being asked to audition for many many Voice Over opportunities I decided when I left to give it a try. I worked regularly in Commercial and Industrial voice over then found audiobooks. That was 10 years and 400+ audiobooks ago! :)

What's your pre-recording ritual? +

Coffee!!! Work Out. Stretch. Sing for a few minutes (was a singer in bands for years). Record!

What's your favorite part of the process? Prep? Recording dialogue? Pressing Save? +

All of the above. I LOVE this job.

What or who inspires you as an artist? +

Amy McFadden, January LaVoy, Hilary Huber, Imogen Church, Xe Sands, so many more...

Random Fact: +

We built a Cat perch on the outside of my recording booth window for my Maine Coon to sit and join me while I work. Which he does. Every. Single. Day. Very sweet.

This week's giveaway: a cozy mystery narrated by Meghan Kelly!

We have 5 Audible download codes to give away!

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Congratulations to last week's giveaway winners: Nicky, Linda, Sandra, Carissa and Alex!

This week's featured swag:

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