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What gave you the idea to add narrating books to your busy life and career? +

I am a lifelong stage actor and performer. Ever since I was a little kid, obsessed with classic Disney animated features, I knew I wanted to go into voice over. I did go on to do that and quickly realized that audiobook narration was an appealing addition as it was such an acting-heavy voice over gig. Much of the voice over world doesn't require you to be an actor, but I knew narrating (especially fiction) would allow me to utilize my particular skill set. What actor wouldn't be thrilled to play every part?

What's your favorite part of the process? +

I love recording long stretches of 1st person narrative. It allows me to really sink into that character and fully embody their emotional experience. I also really love when I've pressed save on the last file. There is a huge sense of accomplishment every single time I make it to the end. It feels very exciting!

Please share the name of another author or an audiobook narrator that you'd love to shine a light on: +

I'm in the middle of listening to Alexandria Bellefleur's Written in the Stars series. It is such a beautiful and fun depiction of queer romance stories and a delightful read. Highly recommend! I also just got to speak with her on my Rosemoor Roundtable podcast, and she is just lovely.

What do you love to do on your days off? +

Outdoor and indoor gardening, go on adventures with my kids, take care of my chickens, play music, get outside as much as possible.

Random Fact: +

I have a foot stool in my recording booth, which happens to be an old nursing stool, like, for nursing a baby.

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