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What gave you the idea to add writing books to your busy life and career? +

It was always a dream of mine to write a book, and when the pandemic happened, it became a passion project.

What are your writing rituals? +

I always start a playlist and a vision board before opening a new word document. I'll type out scenes and ideas in my phone notes app, lose hours on Pinterest, and listen to songs on Spotify that fit the vibe of the story I have in my head. Sometimes this process takes a few days, sometimes a few weeks. I don't open a new word document until I have a vague idea of where I want the story to end, and then I start writing with the hope that the middle will just work itself out along the way. I don't read other books or watch movies or tv shows while I'm in the thick of writing, either. I basically live in the writing cave from start to finish.

Please share the name of another author or an audiobook narrator that you'd love to shine a light on: +

Kelli Tager voiced the FMCs for my first three books, and she is why I got into audio. She is absolutely brilliant.

What or who inspires you as an artist? +

I find spoken word poetry really inspiring. Button Poetry is a fave source of inspiration. Music inspires me to create. Cliche, I know, but also Taylor Swift with her Easter eggs. I think she's absolutely brilliant, and she makes me want to be intentional with every aspect of the things I create. My fellow indie authors inspire me. And my friends. My friends are some of the most amazing women, and they inspire me every single day.

Random Fact: +

For my 25th birthday, I hosted a "Quarter Life Crisis" party and everyone had to wear mustaches. We also had a prize for the person who had the best mustache, and it went to a friend who glued peacock feathers to her upper lip. I'm almost 36 and it's still the best party I've ever been to, and that's not just because it was for my birthday.

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