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What made you want to publish your books in audio? +

I love the idea of reaching a new segment of romance readers. There are so many out there that can't read due to poor eye sight or other things and I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy my stories. Plus now that I've listened to the books I LOVE that they are brought to life by the amazing narrators. It's a dream to hear your words spoken by such talented people. [p.s. one of her first audiobooks was an Audie Finalist!]

What's the oddest object in your office or writing spot? +

The lego polar bear. My son swears he didn't leave it in my office, I say he did. Now it's something we playfully fight about anytime he comes into my office.

What's your favorite part of the process? +

Writing the banter. It will always be my favorite because that's how my husband and I talk to each other constantly. Plus I love reading witty banter, it makes the scene feel real to me.

Please share the name of another author or an audiobook narrator that you'd love to shine a light on: +

Austenne Grey. She auditioned for my upcoming audio book Guarded by the Marshal and I was blown away in the way she captured Rachel's personality and feel. She's such a complex character, being young yet going through so much, and Austenne is amazing!

What or who inspires you as an artist? +

I find music incredibly inspiring. It can be a single phrase from a song or a section of music, it will just grab me and won't let go until I capture the feeling in words. For example I watched The Greatest Showman in the theater forever ago and came home immediately and plotted out an entire book - Finding Fate. It has NOTHING to do with the circus but that music formed a story in my head and demanded I put it to paper.

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