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How long did you narrate audiobooks? +

I recorded books from 1999 - 2021, when I retired to be able to follow my husband on TV locations and publish my own novels.

What made you decide to start Home Cooked Books? +

I had been promoting my narrations on social media for years, and when I published my own fiction, I learned the differences between marketing print or ebooks vs. marketing audiobooks. As I made author friends, I realized that I had knowledge and a network to share. I essentially started HCB to bring my communities together!

What inspires you? +

Kind and generous acts. Also, nature. I love to sit at the beach and take in the ocean or hike in the woods and listen to the birds.

Did you have anything special in your recording booth? +

When I first starting recording from home, we lived in Los Angeles and my booth was in the unattached garage. My younger daughter was around seven and the time, and she thought it was hilarious to sneak inside the garage and then pop up in the window of the booth. Which, naturally, made me scream. One day, I went to the booth and found a little sticky note stuck to the inside of that window that said "I [heart] you mommy" and that stayed there until the day I sold the booth, ten years later!

Is there another narrator or author you'd like to give a shout-out to? +

It's tough to choose, because the narrator community, like the author community, is a really amazing one. But I owe a lot to my friend Erin Mallon. We published our first novels in the summer of 2020 and she's been an awesome inspiration, support and collaborator on this new journey!

What can we do to support you? +

To get an email when my audiobooks go on sale, you can

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