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לקבת מיילים בעברית, לחץ כאן

Kislew newsletter

In the ninth month (Kislew) we celebrate Hannuka. For access to HaRav David Bar Hayim's classes on this holiday, see below our audio archive. Additionally, there are a number of video classes on YouTube and relevant Q&A sessions to study.

Jonathan Pollard and Rabbi David Bar-Hayim Discuss the War

Collateral Damage, Innocent Civilians, and the Gaza War

Episode 1 - YouTube

Episode 2 - YouTube
Continuation of Episode 2 - Rumble

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Upcoming event!

Rav Avi in America

Rav Avi Grossman is coming to Florida, late Nov - Dec, to spread Tora. If you are in the area and would like details or the opportunity to host a shi'ur, please click below.

Who is Responsible for the Current Catastrophe?

As the war continues, many of us are left asking 'why?'

Jonathan Pollard's shares his opinion of the matter.

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The Unmagical Temple: Amalek and the Serpent

Dr England's latest article.

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