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13 September 2023
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Femme On Collective

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The latest episode of Femme On Film is out now! This time Ria is joined by fellow Femme On host Ada and guest Tony Holt to discuss Tank Girl, starring Lori Petty and Naomi Watts, directed by Rachel Talalay. They revisit the cult film everyone loves to hate and give it the love it deserves. Listen here.

You can also check out the latest episode of Fine Cut with Alyson, featuring guest Bryan Holdman, an author and writer/producer of shows including Pretty Little Liars and Our Kind of People. In this episode Alyson and Bryan discuss the new Netflix documentary WHAM! and specifically the final few minutes dedicated to the farewell concert at Wembley in 1986. Listen here.

The VHS Strikes Back

VHS Strikes Back Logo

The show where we dust off the old video player, and go on a journey to look at the good and bad movies of yesteryear. 

This week the guys are reviewing our good friend Trent’s pick - Romancing The Stone (1984). Sone have called it an Indiana Jonea rip off but this idea was written before Indie was even thinking of donning his whip! 

Starring Michael Douglas. Kathleen Turner and Danny Devito. 

Joan Wilder, a mousy romance novelist, receives a treasure map in the mail from her recently murdered brother-in-law. Meanwhile, her sister Elaine is kidnapped in Colombia and the two criminals responsible demand that she travel to Colombia to exchange the map for her sister. Joan does, and quickly becomes lost in the jungle after being waylayed by Zolo, a vicious and corrupt Colombian cop who will stop at nothing to obtain the map. There, she meets an irreverent soldier-of-fortune named Jack Colton who agrees to bring her back to civilization. Together, they embark upon an adventure that could be straight out of Joan's novels.’

Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

Ep 206 of GCC continues the first in a new series “Hot Takes” where Mike & Matt discuss opinions that could be considered controversial and for the premiere episode, Elon Musk is the topic! They discuss controversy around Musk, his “credentials”, personal life & work ethic, before delving into the Twitter/X buyout, SpaceX, an Australian battery and more.
Check out each episode of the weekly Ahsoka discussion shows; found on the podcast feed of Comics In Motion and video versions on YouTube; &

On Star Wars: Comics In Canon; Mike continues with the Dark Horse High Republic Adventures comics where SAV MALAGÁN FINDS HERSELF ON JEDHA’S STREETS, BUT WHERE IS MAZ KANATA? For ep 136, Mike finished Phase 2’s High Republic Adventures comics, where Sav Malagán’s tries to find herself amidst battling pirates, all while the Dank Graks kidnap Maz Kanata in an attempt to take Takodana! Plus Mike talks Corellian hounds, Blarina and Therm Scissorhands!

Chris and Dave’s Reality TV Cast

Chris And Daves Reality Cast Logo

Ripping into all things reality

This week we have reviewed 4 episodes of The Big D. Spread across 2 podcast episodes the guys talk about all the drama and fairness that this car crash of a show brings. Special mention Thakur, who has been gas lighting the whole time on the show.

Spider-Dan and the Secret Bores

Spider Dan and the Secret Bores Logo

Welcome to Prattle World I am your writer the ever-amazing ever-spectacular Spider-Dan and in this article I write about all sorts of random stuff…

What a tangled web Charlotte weaves…Charlotte’s Web got banned but why? Tonya Todd has invited me to ask that very question in her #BannedBooks podcast series Along Ada McCartney & Wendy Wimmer recording this week!

Where to find me

You can find the podcast on your player of choice here or just listen to it via your browser

If you want to #JoinThePrattalion and to be briefed in full on the #SecretBores swing over to #PrattleWorld at

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