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06 September 2023
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Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

Ep 206 of GCC brings the first in a new series “Hot Takes” where Mike & Matt discuss opinions that could be considered controversial and for the premiere episode, Elon Musk is the topic! They discuss controversy around Musk, “credentials” and personal life, before delving into his work ethic, the Twitter/X buyout, his chosen lack of privacy and more.

Check out the first two episodes of the Ahsoka weekly discussion show; found on the podcast feed of Comics In Motion and video versions on YouTube; &

On Star Wars: Comics In Canon; Mike has released a special double book review that was previously a Patreon-exclusive; Thrawn and Thrawn: Alliances, from Timothy Zahn's first canon Thrawn trilogy! Mike talks about his experience listening to the audiobook for Thrawn in comparison to reading the comic book adaptation (as seen on ep 38 of Star Wars: Comics In Canon), before delving into the "main event"; Thrawn: Alliances. Mike gives his thoughts on the books as well as providing a plot overview for each.

The VHS Strikes Back

VHS Strikes Back Logo

The show where we dust off the old video player, and go on a journey to look at the good and bad movies of yesteryear. 

1977 cinema was dominated by Star Wars (later renamed Episode IV: A New Hope) but for a brief week, it was displaced off the top spot by the fantasy comedy, “Oh, God!”. This movie takes heaven's customer service to a whole new level. Imagine a mild-mannered supermarket manager, Jerry Landers (played by John Denver), who gets the divine equivalent of a surprise visit from the cable guy. Except, it's not the cable guy; it's none other than George Burns playing the Almighty himself.

God has a quirky assignment for Jerry: to deliver the message, "Think for yourself." That might sound like divine wisdom, but convincing people that you've been chatting with the Creator in aisle seven of the supermarket is no walk in the park.

Jerry faces a congregation of skeptics, including his own family, who question his divine connection. Things escalate to a heavenly court battle, where God himself testifies! Spoiler alert: He's a pretty sharp witness.

This divine comedy is an exploration of faith, human foibles, and the ultimate celestial customer support. George Burns as God is the ultimate boss you never knew you needed. "Oh God!" will make you laugh, ponder, and maybe even consider striking up a conversation with your local grocery store manager – just in case they're delivering divine wisdom alongside the milk and eggs.

Spider-Dan and the Secret Bores

Spider Dan and the Secret Bores Logo

Welcome to Prattle World I am your writer the ever-amazing ever-spectacular Spider-Dan and in this article I write about all sorts of random stuff…

If you go private you get this week’s podcast early or you can go on the waiting list for an appointment on Friday to hear Maff & my Top 5 Worst Fictional Medical Professionals! Based on a suggestion by Derek Esoteric… #PrepareForPrattle

Where to find me

You can find the podcast on your player of choice here or just listen to it via your browser

If you want to #JoinThePrattalion and to be briefed in full on the #SecretBores swing over to #PrattleWorld at

Femme On Collective

Femme On Logo

The latest episode of Literature for Life is out now! Our host Jess speaks with fellow Femme On host Alyson about Sylvia Plath’s classic, The Bell Jar. Alyson talks about navigating trauma and identity as a young teenage woman, and how reading this novel offers poignant commentary on the terrifying reversal of women’s rights unfolding in the United States. This episode contains discussion of suicide and sexual violence. Listen here

You can also listen to the most recent episode of Disney Discussions, where Spider-Dan hosts Megan, Mike and Ria for a chat about Underrated Live-Action Disney Films including Holes, Freaky Friday (2003), Sky High and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. This is also a conversation about generational trauma, sidekicks and Brighton! Listen here.

Chris and Dave’s Reality TV Cast

Chris And Daves Reality Cast Logo

Ripping into all things reality

This week we tackled the first two episodes of the reality tv show, The Big D! The idea behind this show is to bring together divorced couples and then they help each other out to find new romance. It promised much in terms of being a car crash, and it’s off to a solid start! Some of the divorcees are clearly ‘out’, others are harbouring hopes of getting back together and others contribute to an environment as toxic as we hoped it would be! The Big D is streaming on Peacock and is well worth checking out.

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